Cupcake Pincushion

So, yes I double as an old lady… but not just any old lady, a dorky old lady. Which brings me to my no-sew Cupcake Pincushion. The pincushion is bad enough, but I had to turn it into a cupcake and am excited about it! Thanks to the beauty of the blog world, I am not going to show you my five previously attempted Cupcake Pincushions, I will just pretend that my 1st attempt turned out OK great. Thankfully my Mom loves me enough to act happy when she opened it on Mother’s Day. With a little time and some practice, I could perfect it but I have 15 days of teaching left and a very hyper 9 month old so today isn’t the day… any hoo, I think it turned out pretty cute all things considered…

You will need:
-glue gun
-a small plastic cup (the kind used for punch/wine)
-scrap fabric
-a rubber band
-(optional for embellishment:) ribbon, buttons, pom poms, a stone… etc

This is the cup; the short and wide kind. If you can’t find one, use a regular plastic cup and cut it evenly so that that it is short.

Stuff it with the stuffing- and I mean stuff it! You will think you are really over-stuffing but you need it for the dome part of the cupcake. Smoosh it down and place fabric on top. (Why is spell check telling me smoosh is not a real word? I use it often)

Pull the fabric tight to form a dome.

Place a rubber band around the edge of the cup

Make sure the rubber band is super tight and begin to glue the fabric down to the cup all the way around.

Trip the excess fabric and remove the rubber band.

Now measure the height of your cup and add about 1/2″ – 1″ to that. That will be the length for your fabric strips. They will need to be about 1″ wide. Start hot gluing the strips and slightly overlap the strips to give it the “cupcake wrapper look”.

Add your “cherry” on top with a button, a bead or a pom pom. I used two buttons for the “abstract” look. If you want to, add a ribbon around the wrapper.

Trace around the bottom of the cup onto your felt and glue that piece on.

I was proud until I googled images of other Cupcake Pincushions that were hand-crocheted and ones with french seams… but then again isn’t the point of Mother’s Day to make a good ole homemade gift for your amazing Mom?

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