Scrappy Strap and a Bday Gift

OK… so I have been researching camera strap tutorials for over two weeks now and I couldn’t find one for my specific camera. So, I thought I would make my own. Everything was going great until the very end when I realized I couldn’t take a picture of my finished product… oops! So I had to take the picture with my dang camera phone (gross). Anyway, I love my new strap.

One side is this cute Amy Butler fabric and the other side is made from little square scraps I had. I decided that I am going to try to use as much of my own fabric scraps from old projects that I can. That way I won’t feel guilty when I have to buy more expensive fabric :) Some websites made “slipcovers” for their strap but I just sewed right over mine. I figure if I want to make another one, a new strap is only about $5.00.

Before Pic: ewww

For the Scrappy side, pick out a few pieces of scraps and set them side by side and extend them about an inch past the wide part of your original strap. This way you have enough for the seam allowance. Press them and sew the pieces together. (Please excuse my indecisiveness yesterday, in every pic the fabrics change.)

Enter new blue fabric…

Once you have sewn your row together, you need to trim it. I don’t have an exact measurement but I just figured out how wide my original strap was and I made it about an inch wider. Then you need to cut a piece of interfacing and the other piece of fabric to the same dimensions.

Now place then in this order… 

-solid fabric face up
-scrap strip face down 
-interfacing on top

So basically, they will be right sides together and the interfacing will be on top of them. Pin the strap sandwich together. Now place the original strap on top and trace a line (1/4 in away) where the strap starts to taper. Sew on the long sides only and along the tapered line you just drew. Make sure to reinforce the end really well because you are about to turn it inside out.

 Now time to flip!

After you flip it out, iron it nice and neat. It kinda looks like a strap now. Insert the original strap with a safety pin. Center the original strap because we are about to sew right over it.

Fold the ends in and sew to “close” the strap. Then sew along the long sides about 1/8in from the edge for a finished look. Ta-da you have a new camera strap! I am still cringing about these phone pictures but hopefully they cute strap makes up for it!

In other exciting news, I fell in love with this quilt from Target a few months ago. I am re-doing our Master bedroom in gray, yellow and navy. This was the perfect comforter for our bed. I should have just bought it then but it isn’t as loud as I am used to, so I didn’t. Once I decided to get it, I couldn’t find it in any store and it was discontinued online. I searched and searched and eventually gave up and tried to find something else. But, just yesterday the design heavens looked down upon me and it was avail online! It already shipped this morning. Woohoo! Moral: If you love something so much that you will waste hours looking for a replacement, then just buy it. Happy Bday to me.

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    oh, I am happy that it arrived! I was woierrd, cause I sent it away with the card. Strange that it arrived not at the same time! But at least it arrived :)Yes, I did absolutely freestyle and used up the whole fabric without any leftovers :) Actually it is not so big, but on the picture with me it looks kind of huge, haha! :Dxxx

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