Felt Food Factory….

There are TONS of felt food ideas all over the web but until last week, I had never made any. Now I have to admit, I have a felt food problem. Seriously it is addicting, I am going back to hobby lobby tomorrow to get more colors! We are making Finn a play kitchen out of a nightstand for Christmas so we have to have some play food, right? I have so many ideas but last weekend I tried just a few of them. Be ready for more pics from the Felt Food Factory coming soon…

Burger (bun soon to come)

Grocery Sack

Peel-able Banana 

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  1. says

    These are great! I just made a felt sandwich for the kids here -http://jamesandleighann.blogspot.com/2011/10/felt-sandwich.html but my pictures aren’t very good. I love that you made a grocery bag too! I pinned your casserole dish cover. I’m a new follower.

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