Ribbon Holder

I am about to distract you with my new ribbon holder that my husband Bryan made me. I am really trying to finish all of my ornaments for my Christmas Calendar by the Wednesday deadline! So I will post all of the pretty ornaments then. But, in the meantime, we are having to really make room for baby #2 and that includes having no mare craft room :( I know its for a good cause haha, but its still sad. So I had to split my dining room with my craft “space”. I told Bryan I needed a rope or a dowel to hang my ribbons from and look what he came up with… isn’t he so clever! He is VERY handy!! Look at that little man under the craft table checking out Dad’s work…
He just drilled holes into the back of my craft table and screwed in hooks so I can take the bar off to change out the ribbon. (Please excuse the ugly wires)
And voila, how space-savvy is that?? Thanks honey!
Be on the lookout for 3 exciting posts soon to come, a FINISHED Christmas Countdown Calendar, a remake of my grandmother’s vintage holiday tablecloth and our new Cloffice! So exciting….
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