Play Kitchen

I finally got around to re-taking some pictures of the new kids kitchen since all of my other pictures are in purgatory. (Still, keep your fingers crossed). So, this was the big present from Santa this year. I have seen quite a few play kitchens out there in the blogging world and there is even a Flickr group for them. There are a ton of ideas! I saw many people making them out of nightstands and entertainment centers. My mom had the perfect shaped nightstand that she didn’t need and thankfully she donated one to the cause. My husband and his dad did all of the “woodworking” on it. I drew them a picture and after a few trips to home depot it started looking like a kitchen! Then we spent many nights adding to it. I even found a lot of good materials at Goodwill. Here is what we ended up with, I really like the way it turned out and my son loves it! It was a bigger hit than we thought it would be.

We used wooded plaques from Hobby Lobby for the burners. I painted them with metallic black paint and cut out the red swirl for the burners then applied 2 coats of Mod Podge. The dials are wooden car wheels painted and Mod Podged also. We didn’t bolt them in all the way so they spin.

We cut a hole in the back wall and I found that frame that fit perfectly at Goodwill. I just printed out a picture of that field on my computer for the window scene.

My favorite part is the backsplash!! We just hot glued and caulked those tiles on the back. The sink is a bowl from Goodwill and we had trouble finding a used faucet so that was our most expensive purchase. It’s from Home Depot for $9.00 but it looks so perfect!

For the oven, my husband added that shelf in between where the drawers were then just removed the bottom drawer for storage. He cut a hole in the top one and we added the Plexiglas and a hinge so it really opens and closes.

Final touches are some hooks on both sides for “utensils” and cookware. I’d say he loves it! Here he is on Christmas Morning. Maybe you will see him on Top Chef in 20 years?

Yo Gabba Gabba… Yoooooooo

Finn loves Yo Gabba Gabba, at first I thought it was a little creepy, but I have to admit I kind of like it too. The other day we were playing a game online at Nick and I saw a little section called crafts. So, of course, I had to interrupt the game and see what it was all about. My eye was suddenly drawn to… a Brobee Snuggle Pillow! Are you serious, Finn would love that. The Nick Jr website even has a template for all of the parts of the face and has all of the characters. Brobee is Finn’s favorite so I made him but I might make the others soon. Their version is a “No Sew” version, but sewing it will make it last so much longer. I also used a thin fleece for the back instead of felt so it will be even softer. 

You can print the template right from the website HERE! Hi Brobee.

Finn is going to be so excited… I hope I cant wait until Christmas, only 14 days!

Chopped BBQ Beef

Easiest meal ever!! There are literally four ingredients in this BBQ. This also involves a crock pot which is always exciting if you are busy like I am. 

  • brisket or some “slab” of meat
  • a bottle of beer (any kind)
  • a bottle of BBQ sauce
  • brisket rub or other spices/seasonings

All you do is dump everything in together and turn your crock pot on low for 8-10 hrs. After about 8 hours, you need to “fork” the BBQ to make it like shredded beef. We put ours on baked potatoes this time to make “Stuffed BBQ Baked Potatoes” or you can put it on a bun for a sandwich (which I did with the leftovers) or just eat it by itself with some good southern sides. Either way, its super yummy and most important so easy and you gotta love that!

Christmas Calendar

My calendar that is!! Aaaand I made it by December 1st. This is exciting because it only took 4 weeks, geez I didn’t think all of those little ornaments would take so long. I am so happy with the finished product and I know “the kids” will love it when they get older. I didn’t take a picture of the tree with ornaments on it because I want to be surprised :)

Here are the remaining ornaments I made; I don’t love the presents but I wanted something hanging from under the tree.

I made an ornament to “represent” everyone in my family; Bryan got a t-bone steak, Finn of course got a ball and I got 2 because I made the calendar he-he

My Mom is the acorn, my sister is the diamond, and my dad is the football, also the heart is a replica of the tattoo on my foot!

I loved Katie’s hot cocoa from her blog so I had to make my own. The star is the tree topper.

For some reason, this one is my favorite so it got its own picture.

And there you have it, my finished Advent Calendar that we will have forever! Look at all the little “surprises” in their squares… Happy December!

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