Chopped BBQ Beef

Easiest meal ever!! There are literally four ingredients in this BBQ. This also involves a crock pot which is always exciting if you are busy like I am. 

  • brisket or some “slab” of meat
  • a bottle of beer (any kind)
  • a bottle of BBQ sauce
  • brisket rub or other spices/seasonings

All you do is dump everything in together and turn your crock pot on low for 8-10 hrs. After about 8 hours, you need to “fork” the BBQ to make it like shredded beef. We put ours on baked potatoes this time to make “Stuffed BBQ Baked Potatoes” or you can put it on a bun for a sandwich (which I did with the leftovers) or just eat it by itself with some good southern sides. Either way, its super yummy and most important so easy and you gotta love that!

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