Christmas Calendar

My calendar that is!! Aaaand I made it by December 1st. This is exciting because it only took 4 weeks, geez I didn’t think all of those little ornaments would take so long. I am so happy with the finished product and I know “the kids” will love it when they get older. I didn’t take a picture of the tree with ornaments on it because I want to be surprised :)

Here are the remaining ornaments I made; I don’t love the presents but I wanted something hanging from under the tree.

I made an ornament to “represent” everyone in my family; Bryan got a t-bone steak, Finn of course got a ball and I got 2 because I made the calendar he-he

My Mom is the acorn, my sister is the diamond, and my dad is the football, also the heart is a replica of the tattoo on my foot!

I loved Katie’s hot cocoa from her blog so I had to make my own. The star is the tree topper.

For some reason, this one is my favorite so it got its own picture.

And there you have it, my finished Advent Calendar that we will have forever! Look at all the little “surprises” in their squares… Happy December!

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