Fabric Labels

Fabric labels oh Fabric Labels…. I have been online researching these babies for months! Finally I found a good (cheap) solution, a tutorial to make my own. This idea is genius!

Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery has the whole tutorial on her blog here. She has a ton of other great stuff too, so you have to check it out. They were really simple to make and I love the way they look on the twill tape. Also, I didn’t spend a fortune which is always a plus! I made 1/2″ and 1″ labels. I have already made a few bibs and added labels to the back, I feel so professional now hehe :)

In other exciting news, I think I am going to buy a serger soon! I think I am going to get this one… any thoughts, opinions, reviews??
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    Thanks, I love them!! I used the Joanns Fabric Brand, I think I didnt leave the iron on them long enough at first then I realized it and the last batch was much better.

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    I wish I would have seen this post sooner – I spent almost $200 on custom labels a few months ago. Of course I got hundreds of them (which I really don’t need…but you had to buy in quantity). Good news is after I use them up, I’ll follow your post. ;O)

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    I used that tutorial to make some labels, too. They look great until you wash the item a few times. The labels start to wrinkle/fade, so I think they’re awesome for things that won’t be washed much :) Also, I got that serger for Christmas but still haven’t opened it – I’m scared! haha

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