Silhouette Dust Cover

I got a new toy!!!!!!!!! And obviously, I’m really excited about it- the Silhouette SD!! So, because I love it so much, I clearly needed to make it pretty protect it from the dust. I was really excited when I saw that Char from “Crap I’ve Made” posted a tutorial for the Silhouette Dust Cover. I love her blog, thanks Char for the tutorial!

All you need is a fat quarter and Char’s template (and the amazing Silhouette, of course)
Cut your main piece to 18″ by 14″ with the 18″ side on the bottom. Then cut out the sides from the template, make sure to cut them in opposite directions.
Next place the small sides on the large piece with right sides together and the shorter side facing out.
Pin all the way around.

Next I added the yellow ribbon and my little fabric tag. Then I serged all the way around.

 I am excited that I won’t have smudgy little boy fingerprints on the beauty! Look at the happy home!

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