Union Jack Card

London Calling…
Are you still bitter about not getting invited to the Royal Wedding? Well tell someone about it, in a Union Jack Card. The Wedding is only hours away, and today I heard that over 1 billion people will be tuning in. The most watched televised event in history. Crazy.

Here is what you need to feel involved :)

  • Red, White and Blue Cardstock
  • Blank Note card
  • Sewing Machine
  • Red Thread

Cut a blue piece of cardstock the size of your Note card, mine was 5.5″ x 4.5″.
Cut out the following strips:

  • 2 thick white
  • 2 slightly thinner red
  • 2 thin white
  • 2 slightly thinner red

Place a thin white strip under a thin red strip and place it corner to corner on the blue card, sew a line down the card. Isn’t there something fun about sewing on paper? Do this again across to the other corners.

Now you have an “X” on your card and we need to add the “+” over that.
1. Place the 2 thick white strips in a cross over the “X”
2. Place the thick red strips over the whites
3. Sew down both lines
Trim the excess strips and tape your flag onto the notecard.
Here’s to William and Kate…

Little Boy Shorts

This year I had the bright idea that I would dress my boys in matching shorts for Easter. I mean how much longer are two boys going to let me do this, right (but really how much longer)? So, I found some adorable plaid fabric and decided to make them some Little Boy Shorts. I know that the best way to make a pattern is to take another article of clothing apart and trace the pieces, so that is just what I did. Add length to the top (about 1.5″) and the the bottom of the shorts (about 3″) My sons wear 2T and 6mo.

1/2 yd fabric
1/2” elastic
white paper for pattern
safety pin & sewing pins

1 – Trace an old pair of shorts onto a piece of paper
2 – Pin the pattern pieces to your fabric
3 – Cut the new pieces out

This is the first pair of shorts I have made for the boys and I kind of just sat there after this step. I had a million ideas for the order of construction but because I was making these the night before Easter (oops) I didn’t have time for that. I remembered that one of my favorite blogs MADE has a tutorial for a Basic Kids Pants and thought it had to be pretty similar. So thanks MADE!
She says the easiest thing (which totally makes sense) is to sew up the crotch of the pants first because they are already together. If you have a fabric with a right and wrong side, flip your fabric before sewing.
After every step, serge the seam if you have a serger and press with your iron for a more professional look.
Next, pin and sew the inseam together. Then again,serge the seam and press it down.
Next, pin and sew the legs together. Serge that seam as well.
Next, I serged around the top of the pants and the bottoms of the legs because I had to try them on the boys and I didn’t want them to fray. Dana (from MADE) said that the front of the pants will be lower than the back, which is something I had never noticed. She said it will make for a more comfortable fit, so on the 6mo shorts, I actually just cut a little dip after I took this picture.
Next, we will add the elastic. Measure your little boy’s waist and add one inch. For example my oldest son’s waist is 18.5″ so I cut my elastic to 19.5″. Fold down the top of the pants with about 1/4″ overlap and use the elastic as your guide as you pin. Leave an opening of about 1″ and take the elastic out. Sew to top of the shorts closed but remember to leave that 1″ opening to put the elastic back in.
Now insert the elastic using a safety pin. Make sure it is flat all the way around. The elastic will be shorter in length that the shorts. Scrunch the shorts up, pull the elastic out a little and sew the elastic together. I used a zig-zag stitch in 2 places to make sure the elastic stays together.
Lastly, turn the shorts inside out and sew the bottom of the shorts. I sewed in two places. On the top of the serged line and on the bottom right next to the seam.
I added my fabric labels to the back.
Look at these sweet boys in their matching Little Boy Shorts.
Perfect for Egg Hunting
Stay tuned next week for an exciting project because I am a contestant on Season 3 of One Month to Win it! Woo Hoo!

Get Well Smoothie

I would consider us a very healthy family but this “flu season” kicked our butt. We pretty much had it all, of course I was every one’s nurse until last week when I got sick! That never happens and when you are a Mom there is no time for that so I whipped up this Get Well Smoothie and I had it every morning last week. It even has a secret ingredient; Emergen-C which is an extra 1,000mg of Vitamin C… Kick start the immune system much.
Frozen Fruit (I used mixed berries)
Greek Yogurt (no fat and 2x the protein than regular)

Just add the frozen fruit to the blender and add enough milk to cover the fruit, then add the yogurt and Vitamin C. Blend that baby up.
Get Well Soon.

Do You Pinterest?

So do any of you share in my new addiction, Pinterest? I LOVE it and I find myself searching for pictures to “pin”. If it is new to you, get on board (get it). Its basically a virtual Pin board and you crate “Boards” or different categories and pin any picture that you find all over the Internet to your boards. Its awesome for me because I always find a million ideas online and I usually save them all as bookmarks or I email myself the link. Not anymore, when you “pin” a picture to your board, it saves the link. Brilliant! Here is a snapshot of my board that I call “Future Craft Room”. You can also link to your Facebook or follow “boards” that you like. I added a link to my Pinterest on my sidebar.

In other exciting news…you now have TWO new ways to follow Taylor Made, I know – earth shattering news. Not only do I have a new Pinterest link, I also started a Taylor Made Flickr Group. I also added a link to my sidebar. Feel free add any  projects that you have done to the pool.

If you have a Pinterest tell in a comment so I can stalk see your boards :)
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