Stethoscope Covers

Do you have a special nurse in your life? ‘Cause I do… my sister hehe! Not only is she about to graduate from nursing school but it is also her birthday this week. (Last year I made her this) So, I cant think of a better gift than some handmade Stethoscope Covers. The sad part is after I decided to make her a few, I realized – I don’t have a stethoscope to try them onto. Oops, I hope they fit.

- one yard of fabric (you wont use it all, you just need it for length)
- button
- elastic
- sewing machine
- serger (optional)


Cut your fabric into a piece that is 34″ x 6″
Serge the ends (the sides that are 6″ in length) If you do not have a serger, get online right now and buy one you will have to press the ends and sew a clean edge. Do this to both the top and bottom of the cover.
Next we will add the elastic to the bottom of the cover. If your fabric is a print like the floral one I have then just pick a bottom. My other fabric with the hearts has a specific bottom and top so don’t confuse the ends.
1. Cut the elastic about 2″ shorter than your width, so in our case 4″. Pin it to the bottom of the cover.
2. Start sewing it on.
3. Once it is on, pull the elastic with your hand while you are sewing.
4. It will look like this when you are done.
Next, pin right sides together lengthwise all the way down the cover and sew.
Turn the cover right side out. This is the main part of our cover. You can tell that my covers are a little different in width. I used two different seam allowances only because I wanted them to look a little different.
At this point I realized I had to come up with a way for the cover to stay on the Stethoscope. Do you see where it has a “Y” in the top. I decided to use a little flap with a button and a button hole. You could use Velcro, snaps, etc.
 I had scraps left over from the original cutting of the fabric so I used these two scraps. I folded it in half with wrong sides together and serged it into a rectangle flap. Sorry, I don’t have an exact measurement. Again if you don’t have a serger then you will have to sew right sides together leaving an opening, turn it right side out and sew again. Make sure the flap is the same width as your cover, length does not matter.
1. I added my TaylorMade label (tutorial here) to the back of the flap
2. Make a button hole on the flap
3. Pin the flap to the back of the cover
Sew the flap to the back of the cover
Last step is to add the button to the front side of the cover
Don’t you love this vintage mustard button?
Happy Birthday Sis!
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  1. says

    Taylor, these are fabulous! I wanted to pop over and tell you that my friends and I were completely inspired by your chevron monogram plate and made our own versions this past week. I blogged about it today. Thanks for the great ideas and blog!!

  2. says

    my mom is an RN and would LOVE this! thanks for the awesome tute- will make a great gift :) would love for you to link this up :)

    Lolly Jane

  3. DeeDee says

    Very Cute! Unfortunately I won’t b able to use these at my workplace (and many others) because of contamination risks. Germs love to hide out in fabric and since scopes come into contact with many patients they are exposed to many germs. Mine workplace requires they be wiped down with disinfectant after each patient or after each shift depending on the floor I’m on. May be they would be OK in an office setting tho where infection risk is lower.

    • says

      I understand, I made several (I work in a rehab facility, at the hospital where I work PRN We are not allowed to use them) and change them daily-wash on hot soap and water.
      My hair (up of course) tangles in my steth so bad and pulls my hair out (painful). I may sew a flap to back of neck of my scrub tops ( large enough) to cover my neck where the steth lays. I can clean steth after each use and the flap will be washed each time I wash my scrub top.
      If I don’t wear my steth around my neck it becomes “borrowed” and never returned. They are expensive.

  4. says

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  5. says

    Just wanted you to know that I had been looking for a Stethoscope cover diy that worked with various styles of stethoscopes. Yours was the only one I could make easy adjustments too with little to no hassle.So thank you for your tutorial my many friends will enjoy these for years as will their pediatric patients.

  6. says

    Dear Taylor, great info on the stethoscope cover, your directions are fab!

    Saw pics of you and your 2sons! You are beautiful! As for you boys…they are SO totally adorable I want to kiss their chubby cheeks!! You are such a fortunate mom.

    Honestly, I love your boys just from the photos! Major precious! They make me smile! Thanks, you made my day wonderful! –Sa Na

  7. says

    How did u do the button. I have looked at several time trying to see how u sew the on before u put label on…….
    My great daughter wants this one. I have the fabric but this button placing is my problem.\

    Thanks. Waiting to here from u.


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