Etched Mommy Tree Plate

I made this cute little plate for my mom for Mother’s Day. Super simple but I think it was a hit. I made a stencil with my Silhouette, vinyl and transfer paper and used etching cream to etch the glass plate. My mom is the “M” at the bottom of the tree and the initials of her “kids” are in the branches. My husband is an honorary “kid” and of course we couldn’t leave off Clyde and Finn- her grand kids.
Have you used the transfer paper with the vinyl? I was like, what is this roll of white stuff? Then I tried it and it really helps. With a plate like this you have to etch the back of the plate, therefore you need to mirror the image. Also, this is my second time with etching cream (first project here) and just a tip, the bottle says leave it on for 10 mins, I did 30… last time I thought it was too light.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! xoxo
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  1. says

    This is adorable! I’m stopping over from Serenity Now!

    I’m such a weenie, I have a bottle of etching creme and just never had the nerve to use it. I have crafting anxiety sometimes. =)

  2. Erikka Knight says

    Would you be willing to make this and sell, if so what would you charge with shipping to Alabama???

  3. says

    I used this paste to make custom wine fletus for my wedding. Instead of contact paper I lightly colored on a piece of plain paper with a crayon and covered it with wide masking tape. Then I put it in my printer and printed my text and design onto it. I peeled the tape off and stuck it on the wine fletus and cut out the letters and design with an Xacto knife. Then used the etching paste. They came out great and I didn’t have to spend a fortune for professional ones!


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