Memory Hall

Happy Monday, today, I give you my Memory Hall. My favorite moments of all time. No boring portraits or fake smiles here, all of the pictures I chose are real moments that represent something to me. I can’t think of a better way to give life to the hall in our home. I love the colorful frames on the grey wall.

How I did it:

I started by painting our hall Slate Grey. So much better than a boring white hallway already!

I added a chair rail, painted it white and hung it at eye level.
I collected different sized frames (super cheap from Good Will) and primed them with white
primer. I used the spray paint for plastic because I think the paint sticks better.

Then I painted the frames bright colors.
Printed out my “Favorite Memories” in black and white. This was the hardest part because I had to pick only ten pictures with a good mix, naturally I wanted them all of my babies!

Then I hung the pictures to the wall, with the bottoms resting on the chair rail.

(lovely camoflauged a/c controler?)
I love the way it turned out, now I am reminded of my favorite moments everyday
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  1. says

    This is such a fun and easy idea!! I LOVE it. And now I am inspired….we don’t have a suitable hallway in our current house, but an empty wall just might work!!! Thanks!

  2. says

    How long have you had these up? Do they stay on the wall well enough? I would be afraid of little kids running through the hall and the frames inching off the ledge.

  3. Marcie Davis says

    LOVE THIS! I have often thought of putting all of my love (family photos) in the hall because I have so many that I want to share. This is a really neat idea….I think I’ll do like 3 rows….I REALLY LIKE THIS! Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    i just found your inspirational site. I live in Australia, so I am unaware of what a chair rail is. can you please enlighten me and suggest something else to use please.

    Kind Regards

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