Peacock-ish Painting

I have had a blank canvas burning a hole in my closet for some time now. Then I saw this rug from Modern Chic Home. This rug is soooo beautiful and wouldn’t make it a week in my house with my dogs and babies! So I decided it should go on my wall. I changed the colors up a bit and made it look a little more Peacock-ish.
This painting is by no means a creative masterpiece but it added some much needed color to my sad bedroom walls. Does anyone else have oddly shaped rooms and walls that are too tall to paint yourself? This is the longest I have ever slept in a room with white walls :( But it is definitely happier now.
My tips… when painting a pattern that is repetitive like this one, change it up a bit. Make some circles not so round and add a few streaks of un-expected color. It will make it more interesting.
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    This is beautiful Taylor! Love the vibrant colors and really like your “hint” for painting patterns..I do like the little variations here and there, they definitely keep your eye moving through the painting! So pretty :) Great job!

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    i love the colors, the pattern, everything…such a darling canvas. and it really adds life to your bedroom, doesn’t it. it compliments your bedding perfectly. found you through 2 link parties… am a new follower. stop over and say hi sometime and give me a follow if you like. andiejaye@

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    Haha this is so great! I just painted my office all peacock theme and glad to know there are others that also think outside the box. You should check mine out too. Love your painting :)

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