Puff Paint Tee

I saw something so amazingly pretty last week on Pinterest. Have you seen the Alisa Burke Blog? Its one of my new favorites. So, I had to replicate her Puff Paint Embellished Tee. I know what you are thinking, Puff Paint, like for making crafts in elementary school. Yes, but it is more sophisticated than that! 
Didn’t it turn out pretty? Here is the original. It is super easy.
Start with a plain tee shirt or tank and tape it down so it wont move on you. 
Add a paper bag to the inside of the shirt so the paint wont bleed.

Just like Alisa, I started with dots around the collar. 
From there you can just doodle a design as it comes to you, so fun. I have a re-discovered my love for puff paint.
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  1. says

    when I saw the shirt at dittle dattle I thought it was Alisa Burke! I <3 her stuff! your shirt came out great! ok, i’ll go and vote for you :)

  2. says

    Ummm people totally knock puffy paint and the next time they do so I’m sending them to your blog to show them this amazing shirt! It’s like henna for a shirt! I love it and I’d love if you linked up to Sew Woodsy.

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