Nook Covers Part 2

Happy Wednesday! I posted about my Nook Covers a few weeks ago HERE. I received quite a few emails and questions about the pattern and if I had a tutorial. Answer… I don’t because I actually purchased one on Etsy. I was going to make my own but I figured for $6 I would save myself some time :) The Etsy shop is called Birdiful Stitches. I love the pattern; it was really easy to follow, quick to sew and she even says you can resell them.
So, I made my third one last night; this time for my mom. I used my Silhouette with the iron-on interfacing and cut the bird out of fabric. Then I sewed it to the front cover before piecing the whole thing together. I found a picture of a bird on a branch that I liked from google images. Then I used the trace feature. Read my “How to Trace Tutorial” HERE.
I added an extra leaf and of course my Taylor Made Label to the back.
I love a good easy project that only takes a few hours but feels like you really accomplished something!

Felt Sunburst Key Chain

Do you have a whole box of felt scraps?… Oh that’s just me? I can’t let go of them for some reason even though an entire sheet is .25 cents. Well, I found a way to use all of those precious scraps.
All you need is a keyring from the Hardware Store or Walmart. Use pinking shears (p.s. love my pinking shears) and cut two pieces for the front and back. I used a piece of cardboard as a template and a scrap piece of ribbon to attach the fab to the ring.
Cut out three layers; each a little smaller than the last. I started by making perfect circles then I tried to go for a more abstract/messy look.
Work backwards… sew the button on the smallest circle, then sew that circle on the middle and so on…
Do you use your button foot as much as I do? I can’t live without it. I mean, call me a lazy sewer but it sews a button on in literally about 4 seconds. Continue sewing the other layers on in reverse order.
Sandwich the ribbon (with the key ring on it) between your two layers of felt.
Do you see how I tried to make it look “messy” but I didn’t follow through… might be a minor craft fail? No, not for me, I slapped this baby on my key ring!
I am going to have to perfect the look, I might even put some extras in the Taylor Made Shop. My keys are happy and that is all that matters :)

Father’s Day Tree Art

This year I thought the boys could help me make Bryan’s Fathers Day gift. That thought might have been a little premature considering my boys are 4 months and almost 2 years old. This project didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned in my head, but they boys were actually involved so that’s even better right :) Aren’t the little hand prints so cute?
I saw this cute picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago. Then, I drilled down to where it came from and it was an Etsy Shop called Personalized Prints. She has some really cute stuff (love the wedding fingerprint tree). Her example was for a bare tree and you add your kids hand prints for the leaves. She must not have a two year old boy because this is not what happened to me. I couldn’t even take a picture of it because the picture’s life was on the line and I had to act quickly to save it.
I cut the tree and letters out from my Silhouette. Use tweezers for the thin paper branches and tiny letters.
I placed everything backward on a piece of scrap paper and used spray adhesive to stick the letters and tree to the paper.
Stick the tree and letters to the page. Love those pudgy little hands! He even helped me with the letters.
Six very messy hands (mine included) and a few hours later, here is what we came up with…
My “2001″ had a little fight with Clyde and Clyde won, so I added a thumbprint heart and wrote the year in the corner.
I used a 13″x10″ frame and used white paper behind our painting.
Happy Father’s Day to all of the daddy’s out there.

Nook Covers

Do you have an E-reader? Because it is my new obsession. I can actually blame my current lack of crafts posts on my Nook. I guess reading is a good “new” hobby, right? Well, like any good nook owner I knew I needed a cover. I shopped around but didn’t find one that I loved. Then I found a DIY pattern on Etsy – yay. The pattern was very easy to follow. I have already made one for my sister too.
You can really add any sort of personal touch to your e-reader cover. My sister has a more classic style so hers is the navy one. And I wanted something more bold. The hardest part is picking out a button.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the “read” in fabric for the front of mine. I used Silhouette’s fabric interfacing and cut the fabric straight from the machine. How did I make the heart at the end of the word? Oh thanks for asking… I drew a heart and merged it into the end of the word in the Silhouette software. Then I just did a tight zig-zag stitch around the letters (not very perfectly).
Does any one have any must reads that I need to know about? I am reading Water for Elephants right now then I am going to read The Help. Since I am in my late twenties and just now taking up reading as a hobby I have some catching up to do…
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