Bow Ties

What is cuter than a little boy in a boy tie?… Nothing is… I tell you NOTHING!
Remember when I won Runner-Up in the Knock it Off contest? Well, I did and one of my prizes was my choice of two patterns from Little Lizard King, a cute Etsy shop. I knew I wanted to make the boys some bow ties for a wedding. It was perfect when I saw that she had a Bow Tie Pattern in her Etsy Shop. Less work when I don’t have to think of how to do something.
I followed the “bow” part just like the pattern said. The only thing I changed was the middle loop to make it a little wider. It was a very easy-to-follow pattern.
The boys looked super geek-chic in their little bow ties… ahhh little men going to their first wedding!
Instead of doing elastic around the neck, I just added an alligator clip to the back with felt and some E-6000 (best glue ever). That way I can use them again on a cardigan or in my hair.
I love these bow ties so I think I might be making more in the near future just for funsies.
What else can I do with them?
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  1. says

    i love the idea of putting it on a cardigan! You should make a few for you in some feminine fabrics though for a really nice juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.

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