Boy Ribbons?

It’s true… you read that right. Boy ribbons.
When I gave birth to both of my boys and my Dr. announced “It’s a boy!” I was beyond excited. Yes, that really happened because I am among the 3% of people that want to be surprised and didn’t find out the sex of my children. Well, as much as I love having boys, I have a small complaint- the options for boys fabric and ribbon is not too exciting. Why ribbon you ask? I love ribbon and I like to embellish my burp cloths. If I have to catch drool and other bodily functions with them at least let them be cute right? 
I have looked long and hard for boy ribbon. There are some houndstooth, argyle and polka dot options but I need some variety. So that leads me to the tip of the day. I found some perfect boy ribbon on a scrapbook aisle of the craft store. They come in themed packs with about a yard of 6 or 7 different ribbons in that theme.Why didn’t I think of this sooner? So I fancied up some of Clyde’s burp cloths and burping my baby is much more exciting now :)
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