Felt Sunburst Key Chain

Do you have a whole box of felt scraps?… Oh that’s just me? I can’t let go of them for some reason even though an entire sheet is .25 cents. Well, I found a way to use all of those precious scraps.
All you need is a keyring from the Hardware Store or Walmart. Use pinking shears (p.s. love my pinking shears) and cut two pieces for the front and back. I used a piece of cardboard as a template and a scrap piece of ribbon to attach the fab to the ring.
Cut out three layers; each a little smaller than the last. I started by making perfect circles then I tried to go for a more abstract/messy look.
Work backwards… sew the button on the smallest circle, then sew that circle on the middle and so on…
Do you use your button foot as much as I do? I can’t live without it. I mean, call me a lazy sewer but it sews a button on in literally about 4 seconds. Continue sewing the other layers on in reverse order.
Sandwich the ribbon (with the key ring on it) between your two layers of felt.
Do you see how I tried to make it look “messy” but I didn’t follow through… might be a minor craft fail? No, not for me, I slapped this baby on my key ring!
I am going to have to perfect the look, I might even put some extras in the Taylor Made Shop. My keys are happy and that is all that matters :)
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  1. says

    So cute! I have a ton of felt scraps! And can I just say I am SUPER jealous of that button foot! My machine doesn’t do that and sewing on buttons is my least favorite thing about sewing:)

  2. says

    Taylor! these are super cute…I love your blog design…beautiful. Thanks again for checkin’ out my yardstick crates & for the feature!

  3. says

    Neat way to use up those scraps. I have to hand sew my buttons, but after sewing 100 buttons in the shape of 100 for my Grandson’s 100th day of school…I will never complain about one or two.

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