Color Wheel Clock

Have you noticed the “embroidery hoop craze” that is going around? Just search “embroidery hoop” on Pinterest and see what I mean… everything from chalkboards, cork boards, picture frames, and wall art. I thought I’d jump on the Embroidery Hoop bandwagon and I need a clock in the living room, perfect! Fun fact: I went through a small phase in 8th grade when I wanted to collect clocks then I realized they are really noisy at night and got rid of them all. 
Meet The Color Wheel Clock.

You can get really creative with this, I actually went to the store for an embroidery hoop and a Clock Kit then came home and decided on the Color Wheel and fabric idea. You can use anything for the “hours” of the clock. I thought about buttons, rocks and abstract numbers. But being an art dork I really loved the Color Wheel. 
What You Need:
-Clock Kit (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $5.99)
- One fat quarter for the background of the clock
-Embroidery Hoop (mine is 10″)
-fabric scraps in 12 different colors
- fusible interfacing

 Cut your fabric Scraps out and iron the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric

Trace a 1″ circle on the back of the interfacing and cut it out 

I painted the outside of my embroidery hoop gold to match the clock hands and the screw on the hoop

Fit your background fabric on the embroidery hoop. Measure 5″ from side to side and top to bottom to find the exact center and mark it.

Also mark the spots for each hour

Remove the fabric from the hoop and start placing the color wheel circles in place. Do this on your ironing board so you don’t have to move it once everything is in place. Don’t forget to remove the paper on the back of the interfacing. Iron them down.

Read the instructions on that came with your clock… (it was boring enough the first time so I don’t remember the exact steps; but I did take a pic) It looks daunting but it was really simple.

Cut a little “X” in the middle where you marked your center spot

Push the clock back through and assemble the clock.

Trim the excess fabric around the hoop

I think I am addicted to embroidery hoops now, I have already bought three more, good thing they are only about $2 each! What have you made with embroidery hoops that I need to know about? Or even better if you have a picture upload them to the Taylor Made flickr group and show me what ur workin with.

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  1. says

    So…the clock holds on to the fabric by itself? You didn’t have to glue the fabric to the hoop? Wow! Super easy! I’m seeing one in every room of my house, matching the colors! Thanks so much!!!

  2. says

    I used the 1/4″ kit

    and it has a hanger on the back of the clock kit so I actually hung the clock with that and not from the hoop :)

  3. Joni says

    My roommate and I used your idea today! We have this crazy orange wall in our kitchen and need to decorate it. We picked up cute little animals from hobby lobby, and stuck them directly on the wall for the hours then got an embroidery hoop and hooked the hands in like you demonstrated and now have a huge clock on our once bare bright wall. Thanks so much for the idea!

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