Margarita Pie

I had you at Margarita right? If you know me at all you know how I feel about Margaritas.  Not only do I love Margaritas… I also love anything made with Greek Yogurt. So, I whipped up a pie. The recipe is from Oikos (the Greek Yogurt lid), I just added some Triple Sec :) 


1 graham cracker crust
8 oz low fat cream cheese
1 cup  Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Margarita Mix
3 Tbs. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1 Tbs. Triple Sec Liqueur 

Beat cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar, lime juice, margarita mix and Triple Sec and stir. Then, fold in the yogurt. Pour into a pie crust and freeze a few hours or until firm. I added sliced limes on top for funsies.

On the topic of cold food… anyone have any good recipes for “cold” dinners. I can’t think of anything to make lately because it is so hot here that a hot dinner sounds… hot. All I can think of is Greek Salad which we had tonight by the way. I can’t live of Greek Salad every night… ideas anyone?

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    Some pasta dishes are good cold or at least not warm. I like to throw together chopped grilled chicken, pasta, black beans, a bag of those frozen fiesta veggies (thawed of course!), some salsa, and a ton of Parmesan cheese. I call it chicken fajita pasta. It’s yummy hot or right out of the fridge :)

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