Brobee Shirt

Last Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday post, I promise. I had a hard time finding anything for Finn’s party so, maybe this will help a fellow searcher.

All of the Brobee shirts I found were far too expensive for a boy. If you have a boy you know what I mean, after about 3 times, there will be a stain for sure. I also like any excuse to try new craft supplies and I have never used Iron-On Vinyl.. so, lets do this.

Inspiration: This $4 shirt from Target; Perfect Brobee

I used my favorite Silhouette feature and “traced” a Brobee Face that I found online. This file is specific to the Silhouette Software and I am super cool so I you can download it for free HERE :)

Just cut the different “facial features” in the three different colors.

Now… per the instructions on the Vinyl Packet, iron down the cut pieces with the shiny side up and press while gradually increasing the pressure of the iron. Only iron down the “first layer” of pieces.

Then pull up the plastic coating and add the “second layer pieces”.

Ok… sick of Brobee yet or will you miss him while he is gone? I’m sure he will be back, and Finn won’t miss him cause check out his new shoes… hehe.

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    My little boy is obsessed with Brobee. Who makes the tshirt? I need to find that exact one. It’s so perfect. And I just got a silhouette, so this is a great find (your blog). Thanks!

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