Halloween Crayon Bats

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? Me either, could be because it is still in the high 90′s here in Texas. I usually look forward to October 1st because that is when I break out the Halloween Decor. I keep forgetting that is in one day…. It literally feels like the middle of summer :(
In hopes of feeling fall-ish, I turned to my trusty craft supplies. I remember doing this craft when I was little and making “stained glass”. Martha makes Valentines Hearts this way too. But today friends we are making Bats, or according to my 2 yr old son- “Batmans”. This is a great craft to do with the kids, actually- if my “active, just turned two, independent boy” can do it, then your dog can probably help you.
old crayons
wax paper
paper towels
(I would like to tell you that this is just my craft iron and I have another one for clothes but this is just my craft iron… I don’t iron clothes for real life)
Break your crayons and remove the wrappers. This is the best job for kids, who doesn’t love to break stuff?
Use the scissors and make shavings from the crayons. Place the shavings on a piece of wax paper. Let the kids arrange the shavings and pick the colors. Then cover it with another piece of wax paper.

Make sure to use 2-3 paper towels under the wax paper and over it. The shavings kind of seeped through and I wouldn’t want your iron to look like mine. Melt the crayons for a few seconds.

Here is what we came up with:

Use the Taylor Made Bat Template found HERE and cut out a few bats from the paper.

You can hang them as is or make them fly. Use Bamboo skewers, fold the bat in half down the middle, then push the skewer through the ends of the wings.
Use thread or fishing line to hang them.

Spooky Batman. Have you decorated for Halloween yet? And please give me some fall-ish details :)

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Blueberry Mascarpone Whip Trifle

Turns out, I really like to say “Mascarpone”. Maybe that is part of the reason I made this dessert? That and it’s really, really pretty, and I love trifles.

I found this original recipe on Pinterest. I have started using Pinterest as my personal cookbook. I jumped on the pinning bandwagon early and while it holds a special place in my heart, some of the DIY projects are overdone. Like everyone has seen it. But the recipes keep me coming back. 

I made this for my Dad’s birthday last weekend and it was a really big hit! The original pin comes from a pretty blog called My Baking Addiction, you can see the recipe HERE. She serves hers in individual jars which is so precious. But I like to do as few dishes as possible :) So trifle dish it is.

-pound cake
-blueberry pie filling
-heavy whipping cream
-mascarpone cheese

I “TaylorMade” a few changes…
Her original recipe has an option for making the Blueberry Sauce from scratch but I found organic Blueberry pie filling and it was all natural so I figured it wasn’t too far off. Also, I couldn’t find pound cake at the store but I could find something called “Sour Cream Pudding Cake”… Ohhh Kay! And like I said, I did my dessert in a trifle dish so I have more layers too.

Head to My Baking Addiction for the full recipe.

I also might start putting the Mascarpone Whip upon everything, it is pretty much to die for. Do you love trifles as much as I do and do you like to say Mascarpone (it makes me feel like Giada)?

Turkey Tostadas and Homemade Pico

I might be sparking a debate here but… I have an addiction to Mexican Food, I blame it on living in Houston my whole life. Texas has the best Mexican Food in the world. Let me back up by saying our food here in Houston is technically Tex-Mex… but I think it is better than authentic Mexican. Tex-Mex is more flavorful to me… more cumin, cilantro, cheese and meat. I grew up eating Tex-Mex so authentic Mexican is a little bland in my humble opinion. Speaking of my opinion, I have tried “Mexican Food” in other parts of the country and it shouldn’t even be allowed to claim the name. Ask anyone who has left Texas what they miss and Mexican Food is on the list. 

Tostadas are a favorite at our house and I think I have found the perfect order of ingredients :) I also like to use ground turkey instead of beef. 

Turkey Tostadas:
-Tostada Shells
-Refried Black Bean (you need some glue)
-Ground Turkey (add a taco seasoning packet)
-Shredded Lettuce
-Homemade Pico 
-Queso Fresco or Greek Yogurt (or both)

Homemade Pico
-2 tomatoes
-1 small white onion
-1 jalapeno  
-1 bunch of cilantro
-juice of 2 limes
-1/2 tsp salt

Back to the controversy of Mexican Food. What do you like better? Have you had TexMex in Houston… why not? Do you live in an area where you “think” you are eating good Mexican Food :) And while I’m asking a bunch of questions… why do some restaurants call them Tostadas and some call them Chalupas? Same with Taquitos and Flautas?? Please discuss.

Girl Clothes

Say whaaaat? It’s true, I made some girl clothes a few weeks ago. 

Finn’s friend had a birthday and I took it as an opportunity to make girl clothes :) Here is how the conversation went in my head. “Oh your daughter wants a certain toy and will be bored if she has to open clothes? Welp, I have two boys and would like to make a skirt.” I think it’s the perfect situation- I get my two funny, rowdy, crazy boys and I will make all of our girl friends dresses so I won’t have to miss out on that. One thing I will gladly miss out on… the drama-filled, moody, teenage girl years.

I used Dana’s Simple Skirt Pattern for the skirt. Her pattern is for 3-4T so I just subtracted 2 inches or so for a 2T. It was really easy and quick. 

For the top, I started with a plain off white t-shirt. Ironed fusible web to a scrap piece of the skirt. Cut out the letter “K” and ironed it in place. Then I hand embroidered around the edge of the letter. Lastly,  I added a little heart just to girl it up even more.

I added a taylormade tag.

And wrapped it up.

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