Blueberry Mascarpone Whip Trifle

Turns out, I really like to say “Mascarpone”. Maybe that is part of the reason I made this dessert? That and it’s really, really pretty, and I love trifles.

I found this original recipe on Pinterest. I have started using Pinterest as my personal cookbook. I jumped on the pinning bandwagon early and while it holds a special place in my heart, some of the DIY projects are overdone. Like everyone has seen it. But the recipes keep me coming back. 

I made this for my Dad’s birthday last weekend and it was a really big hit! The original pin comes from a pretty blog called My Baking Addiction, you can see the recipe HERE. She serves hers in individual jars which is so precious. But I like to do as few dishes as possible :) So trifle dish it is.

-pound cake
-blueberry pie filling
-heavy whipping cream
-mascarpone cheese

I “TaylorMade” a few changes…
Her original recipe has an option for making the Blueberry Sauce from scratch but I found organic Blueberry pie filling and it was all natural so I figured it wasn’t too far off. Also, I couldn’t find pound cake at the store but I could find something called “Sour Cream Pudding Cake”… Ohhh Kay! And like I said, I did my dessert in a trifle dish so I have more layers too.

Head to My Baking Addiction for the full recipe.

I also might start putting the Mascarpone Whip upon everything, it is pretty much to die for. Do you love trifles as much as I do and do you like to say Mascarpone (it makes me feel like Giada)?

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