Girl Clothes

Say whaaaat? It’s true, I made some girl clothes a few weeks ago. 

Finn’s friend had a birthday and I took it as an opportunity to make girl clothes :) Here is how the conversation went in my head. “Oh your daughter wants a certain toy and will be bored if she has to open clothes? Welp, I have two boys and would like to make a skirt.” I think it’s the perfect situation- I get my two funny, rowdy, crazy boys and I will make all of our girl friends dresses so I won’t have to miss out on that. One thing I will gladly miss out on… the drama-filled, moody, teenage girl years.

I used Dana’s Simple Skirt Pattern for the skirt. Her pattern is for 3-4T so I just subtracted 2 inches or so for a 2T. It was really easy and quick. 

For the top, I started with a plain off white t-shirt. Ironed fusible web to a scrap piece of the skirt. Cut out the letter “K” and ironed it in place. Then I hand embroidered around the edge of the letter. Lastly,  I added a little heart just to girl it up even more.

I added a taylormade tag.

And wrapped it up.

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    Ok, So gabba gear can be hard to find. It’s sold randomly in mall kiosks…sometimes. But a mom’s best bet is online. You can google brobbee backpack. i think the gabba friends blog might have a link as well. Food luck!


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