Linen Scallop Diaper Tote

It is no secret that I am a big fan of See Kate Sew. So, when she decided to celebrate her blog’s birthday with a Scallop-Sew-Along, how could I say no? It was actually perfect timing because I was on the prowl for a new diaper bag pattern. I only have like 5 or 6 diaper bags so clearly I need a new one. Is it just me or is anyone else constantly searching for the perfect one? They are either too big, too small, too mommish, too pursish, not enough pockets, too many pockets. I think I just hate lugging around two different size diapers, snacks, batman, toy cars, bibs, blankets and a change of clothes for each kid. Maybe I’m taking it out on my diaper bag?
Anyway, I made a diaper bag. With this pretty little scallop pattern from Kate. I used the pattern for the scallops and I used her strap dimensions. I designed the rest of the bag to my liking (or to my picky standards). 

Not only do I love scallops but I LOVE linen (who doesn’t?), so I used that for the base of the bag. I ironed some interfacing to one side of the linen so it stands up better.

I also made bias tape for the edge of the side pockets (which are all lined for more stability).

The back has a large pocket that is split, for sippy cups or toys- gawd my life is glamorous.

I added my fabric label.

And of course added three pockets to the inside, two for diapers and I get that one little square houndstooth number – with more handmade bias tape.
And everything is so organized now. See, I wasn’t lying about carrying batman everywhere.

Thanks Kate for the Sweet Scallop Pattern, and a deadline :)

ps… Next Tuesday kicks off Craft Spaces – a little series here on Taylor Made that is going to be filled with tips, tours and talented guest bloggers. If you are interested in showing off your room, sharing a tip or a tutorial – email me at See you back here next week :)

Octopus Costume

In keeping with our “under the sea” theme this year… Clyde will be fashioning an Octopus Costume :)

Trying to get a crawling nine month old to sit still for an octopus photo shoot isn’t the easiest of tasks… but we got a few pictures. Just like his brother’s,  I made sure his costume is comfortable because my boys will rip clothes off if they don’t like them. 

This is what I started with…
-light blue onesie with a truck on it
-blue pants
-XL men’s blue shirt on clearance

My main problem was that all of the blues were a different shade so I tie-dyed all of them along with Poseidon’s pillow case. Also, I tried to seam rip that embroidered car which almost resulted in a major fail… saved it by adding felt octopus eyes. 

For the “octopus leg belt”, I created a sock shape and cut out 12 halves from the XL men’s shirt. Then I sewed them together but left the tops open. I stuffed the legs and made “bias tape” (not actually on the bias- just from the tshirt scraps). To close the legs, I sandwiched them into the bias tape. The whole belt has a Velcro closure. 

Lastly, I kind of cheated and fabric glued felt “o’s” for the suckers to the back of the legs… I mean after cutting 35 “o’s” out I wasn’t abut to hand sew them on… Halloween is one day people. 

and this pretty much sums up how he felt about this little photo shoot…  bye mom.

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Poseidon – King of the Sea… a costume

If you ask Finn about his costume for Halloween not only is he excited to put it on (because it involves a Trident) but he will also tell you he is the King of the Sea

At first he called his Trident a fork and ran around trying to “eat” everything with it. I have to give full credit to my mom for the idea. I though of Clyde’s costume (pics coming later this week) and wanted an Under the Sea theme. My Mom came up with Poseidon… KING OF THE SEA. Finn loves it. He even cried for at least 10 minutes after I made him take it off.

I don’t have a tutorial because Poseidon is pretty obscure, right?
Here are the components:
-a tie-dyed pillowcase 
-gold pleather belt with felt waves hand embroidered with a Velcro closure
-gold pleather shoulder “wrap”
- black taffeta trident with gold pleather tips and a wooden dowel inside and stuffed to make it soft

The best part is that it is super comfortable for him so he can run for hours in it :)

(ps… our poor dog was not harmed in the chasing with the trident pictures :)

Casserole Carrier

I like to make homemade wedding gifts whenever I can. I saw this Casserole Carrier Tutorial from Two Little Hooligans and I was allll over it. She has really detailed instructions. The only thing that I didn’t do (and should have) was add a little extra length because the Pyrex that I found had built in glass handles. But I still love how it turned out. Halfway through I remembered an old post from Jill where she added belting instead of making the handles. She also etched the couples last name into the Pyrex. Done. I shamelessly copied two crafters!

I used a super bold print for the outside and a cute little dot pattern for the inside.

I also added a label.

And etched the glass.

And now I want one :) Have you made any homemade wedding gifts lately?
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