Cranberry Chutney Recipe

Hello real world, did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I felt like it was Saturday for five days, and I love Saturdays :) You might ask, why are you giving us a Cranberry Recipe the week after Thanksgiving? Well, cranberries are good for the whole holiday season. That and I made this for my Mom’s Thanksgiving which was the day after and I took pictures as I went, ha. 

A little back story: My aunt made this for Thanksgiving and brought it to my Mom’s house about six years ago. It was a REALLY big hit with us. Now, I wonder why every family doesn’t make it. It it the perfect accompaniment to every holiday feast. The citrus and black pepper cut the sweet and savory perfectly. Actually, just yesterday my Mom said. “I think I just need to have this on hand for life”. It’s that good. So, we emailed my uncle to get the recipe. Then I was curious and I googled it, I found many similar recipes that were named Cranberry Salsa but none exactly like this one. Does anyone make anything like this? If not, do yourself a favor and whip some up for Christmas. I followed my Aunt and Uncle’s recipe exactly. My Uncle called it “Hudson’s on the Bend Cranberry Chutney” which is a restaurant in Austin, TX, where they live. I wonder if this is some coveted secret?? My Uncle said “The trick to this recipe is to trust the ingredients…..don’t add to or subtract from”.

Hudson’s on the Bend Cranberry Chutney
12 oz pkg of cranberries
½ cup fresh lime juice and ZEST
2 shallots
½ tsp of salt
1 whole bunch of Cilantro
2-3 cloves of garlic
1-2 seeded jalapenos
1 ¼ cup light brown sugar
¼ cup coarse ground pepper

Blend together in food processor 

My food processor isn’t large enough so I mixed everything together in a bowl then “chopped” in batches

I put mine in mason jars and added a fake fall leaf with twine. But lets be honest, you could serve this out of some old tupperware with a plastic spork and it would be pretty. 

So… was this one anyone else’s Thanksgiving plate? All of the recipes I found online called for green onion and white sugar with no black pepper (which I have to say is a definite must). And does anyone have a secret family side that is out of the norm?

GPS Case Tutorial

It’s not too often around here that my husband gets something “TaylorMade”. Sad but true. It’s hard enough to sew for boys let alone old boys. But last week he actually had a special request. That never happens. He asked for a case for his new GPS. 

I came up with this…

Is it manly enough? Houndstooth is about as boyish as my fabric stash gets. And black is always masculine. 

This is so easy I can hardly call it a tutorial but, you need:
-outer fabric
-inner fabric (something soft, I used flannel)
-small piece of batting
-snap set
-scrap piece of trim is optional

For Bryan’s GPS’s size I cut my fabric to 14″ x 8″.  Layer the fabric with right sides together and the batting on bottom. Y’all… I had a serious flannel lint problem! I had to use my lint roller between every step. Once its together its not so bad but during construction, I almost threw the whole thing away… see!

Sew the bundle together leaving an opening and clip the corners.

Flip it right side out.

With the outer fabric touching the GPS, place the GPS in the center of the rectangle and fold one side up to form a pocket.

Pin and sew up the sides of the pocket. Then flip right side out.
Add your snaps.
I added a scrap to the outside by folding and pressing a scrap to fit the outer flap them sewing it on with a zig-zag stitch. This will also close up the opening that you made to flip the rectangle.
The GPS now has a manly home :)

This could be a good stocking stuffer, quick and easy. What kind of man crafting do you do?

I Made a Shirt

Now you might be thinking, you have never made a shirt? I have made stuff for my kids, I have made whole costumes in college (my degree is in costume design) and I have refashioned enough for a lifetime. But I have never made a shirt for myself. I feel pretty accomplished now. 

Don’t get too excited, I did use a pattern… I wasn’t going to navigate a shirt by myself for the first time. So, I used Simplicity #2254. I really liked it, it was easy to follow and I picked “Option A” which just so happened to have the least amount of steps, yay. 
I love the collar but my favorite thing is that the buttons don’t match. 

Have you made any clothes for yourself lately? I think I might start doing it more often.

Sweet Verbena – Craft Space Tour

Love that we have Katy here today from Sweet Verbena. She runs a successful blog, DIY’s a lot of her own clothes and is still in college! Not to mention – she is a Texas Blogger just like me :)
Hi there! 
I’m super excited to be posting here at Taylor Made for her Craft Spaces Series! 
I blog over at Sweet Verbena. I hope you’ll stop by sometime! 
A little bit about me:
I’m a junior at Texas A&M University, studying elementary education. 
When I’m not studying, I love to create! 
Of course, I dream of having a separate room completely devoted to my sewing and crafting one day. It’s hard not to get jealous when I see other’s beautiful craft rooms around the web. But for now, I’ll just have to make do with what I have.
I’ve just got one little room to work with in my college apartment. It’s my everything room. Bedroom, study, TV room, and even craft room. It’s all there.
Here’s where most of my creating takes place. On my grandmother’s old Kenmore cabinet style machine from the 60′s. We had our local handyman build this frame for it so that it could be removed from the cabinet and sit right on the desk. 
 A small ironing board nearby for ironing hems and pressing seams open.
A couple of poster boards propped up on the bed and I’ve got a mini photo studio. Read more about how I take my pictures in this post. 
Some extra shots of my space: 
Maybe you can guess which book I used for this wreath? 
And that’s it! You’ve seen my little creative corner.  Hopefully, I’ve shown you that you don’t need a lot of space to be able to create! 
Thanks again for having me Taylor!
Thanks Katy :) I love the bright and clean feel of your room mixed with the bold colors, that would inspire me to sew everyday. Link up your space HERE.
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