Cranberry Chutney Recipe

Hello real world, did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I felt like it was Saturday for five days, and I love Saturdays :) You might ask, why are you giving us a Cranberry Recipe the week after Thanksgiving? Well, cranberries are good for the whole holiday season. That and I made this for my Mom’s Thanksgiving which was the day after and I took pictures as I went, ha. 

A little back story: My aunt made this for Thanksgiving and brought it to my Mom’s house about six years ago. It was a REALLY big hit with us. Now, I wonder why every family doesn’t make it. It it the perfect accompaniment to every holiday feast. The citrus and black pepper cut the sweet and savory perfectly. Actually, just yesterday my Mom said. “I think I just need to have this on hand for life”. It’s that good. So, we emailed my uncle to get the recipe. Then I was curious and I googled it, I found many similar recipes that were named Cranberry Salsa but none exactly like this one. Does anyone make anything like this? If not, do yourself a favor and whip some up for Christmas. I followed my Aunt and Uncle’s recipe exactly. My Uncle called it “Hudson’s on the Bend Cranberry Chutney” which is a restaurant in Austin, TX, where they live. I wonder if this is some coveted secret?? My Uncle said “The trick to this recipe is to trust the ingredients…..don’t add to or subtract from”.

Hudson’s on the Bend Cranberry Chutney
12 oz pkg of cranberries
½ cup fresh lime juice and ZEST
2 shallots
½ tsp of salt
1 whole bunch of Cilantro
2-3 cloves of garlic
1-2 seeded jalapenos
1 ¼ cup light brown sugar
¼ cup coarse ground pepper

Blend together in food processor 

My food processor isn’t large enough so I mixed everything together in a bowl then “chopped” in batches

I put mine in mason jars and added a fake fall leaf with twine. But lets be honest, you could serve this out of some old tupperware with a plastic spork and it would be pretty. 

So… was this one anyone else’s Thanksgiving plate? All of the recipes I found online called for green onion and white sugar with no black pepper (which I have to say is a definite must). And does anyone have a secret family side that is out of the norm?
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    I used to make a recipe for Cranberry Compote, that was thicker and chunkier than jam, but was SO good. It had dried cranberries, apricots and apples with cranberry and orange juices, cinnamon and brown sugar. It was really good the next day on a turkey sandwich with mayo and pepper jack cheese. :) I didn’t make it this year because I’m on a low carb diet for gestational diabetes. So Thanksgiving pretty much sucked as far as the carb consumption went!

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    Made this, and my tasters found it too sour. I added at least one cup of light brown sugar. This gave it perfection, we thought. Very complex flavors. Would be great over cream cheese to serve with crackers. SIL made a turkey-Hudsons sandwich on the day after Thanksgiving. We ate it as a side on Thanksgiving.

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