GPS Case Tutorial

It’s not too often around here that my husband gets something “TaylorMade”. Sad but true. It’s hard enough to sew for boys let alone old boys. But last week he actually had a special request. That never happens. He asked for a case for his new GPS. 

I came up with this…

Is it manly enough? Houndstooth is about as boyish as my fabric stash gets. And black is always masculine. 

This is so easy I can hardly call it a tutorial but, you need:
-outer fabric
-inner fabric (something soft, I used flannel)
-small piece of batting
-snap set
-scrap piece of trim is optional

For Bryan’s GPS’s size I cut my fabric to 14″ x 8″.  Layer the fabric with right sides together and the batting on bottom. Y’all… I had a serious flannel lint problem! I had to use my lint roller between every step. Once its together its not so bad but during construction, I almost threw the whole thing away… see!

Sew the bundle together leaving an opening and clip the corners.

Flip it right side out.

With the outer fabric touching the GPS, place the GPS in the center of the rectangle and fold one side up to form a pocket.

Pin and sew up the sides of the pocket. Then flip right side out.
Add your snaps.
I added a scrap to the outside by folding and pressing a scrap to fit the outer flap them sewing it on with a zig-zag stitch. This will also close up the opening that you made to flip the rectangle.
The GPS now has a manly home :)

This could be a good stocking stuffer, quick and easy. What kind of man crafting do you do?

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  1. says

    What a great idea. We’ve just been using an old (but clean!) sock for ours, a case like this would be so much better. Thanks for the tutorial!

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