How to Glaze Furniture

I love that a blog post can jump-start the finishing of a project. This series, Craft Spaces, made me finish my green table that I thought about painting for a long time. So, I finally did. Yay for making goals and actually completing them, even if it is only painting a table :) So here is a little “How To” for your Monday enjoyment.

I really like the look of Glazed Furniture, I think it adds the perfect amount of dullness to a bright paint color. That and I have an issue with too many conflicting wood colors. The key to glazing is finding the right piece of furniture. Make sure there are a lot of nooks and crannies. This table almost doesn’t have enough but I was OK with that. The glaze sticks into the cracks to give it the antiqued look. 
This Queen Ann Table was in our house growing up, it was modern in the early 90′s. And I LOVE the lines and the scroll of it. My Mom let me have it when we bought our first house. She is good about getting rid of outdated furniture. And that it was, super solid but just a little outdated…

- sandpaper
- base paint (I used Behr in Granny Smith Apple)
- metallic glaze (I used Martha Stewart in Black Coffee)
- paint brush and foam brush
- an old rag


I sometimes had to do this step a few times, I would wipe too much off. I tried it with a damp towel and a dry one, they have different effects so play around with it.

And here she is in lighting up the Craft Room.

Very doable and I love the outcome… perfect for garage sale finds, do you think you can do it?
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  1. says

    Love this color!! Great tutorial! New follower. Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party :)

    Also, PRETTY PLEASE stop by and check Random Acts of Kindness Week going on next week! Would love it if you could participate!!

    Have a great week!!

  2. says

    That seems very doable! Thanks for sharing. I’ve pinned it to my future projects board and now I’m going to go follow you!!

    I found you through TT&J! Glad I did. Come visit me sometime.

    • says

      Hey Steph, yeah i was having trouble at first with that too! I actually just put a tiny dot on a DRY sponge brush and very lightly did one stroke here and there, and didnt wipe it off.. .hope that helps

  3. Anonymous says

    Love it! Thank you for showing this. Though I do have a question? Do you need to put a coat of anything over this to protect it or does the wax do that for you? Great tutorial!!
    Thank you again

  4. Anonymous says

    Wouldn’t this technique be considered “antique-ing”?? I always thought “to glaze” something is putting a clear hardening/smoothing coat over an item (i.e. ‘glazing porcelin’, or similar to Polyurathene on furniture)
    Not trying to be rude, I was just confused by the title, came here looking for a different tutorial.

    • says

      i called it glazing because the product i used is called “glaze” which yes, it is like a top coat. when i think of antique-ing i think of sanding and distressing which i didnt do… i guess you so tomato i say to-mAH-to :)


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