Martha Stewart – Craft Studio Tour

That’s right people.. Martha is here… in spirit. How could I do a Craft Space Series all about craft rooms without mentioning the God of all craft rooms. Martha’s set alone makes me jealous but supposedly this is her real studio at her home in Bedford, NY. Did anyone ever see the Oprah episode where they actually toured the entire property? It was straight out of a magical movie! All of these photos are from

Maybe I’m onto something with my green table?
Look at the back wall of embroidery floss, so pretty
I kind of wish all of my albums matched
Martha has a tutorial on how to score these acrylic trays to perfectly fit your needs. And she used a spice rack for her glitter.

Now, I love Martha more than most people but lets be real here, no one’s craft room looks like this… mainly because we are more messy than Martha, that and I have kids… and dogs. One day people, one day.
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