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Welcome Kasey from Stay-at-home Artist today, I originally found Kasey’s blog from her awesome sewing machine cover (which she included the link in her post :) and I’s so glad I did because she is super creative!

Hi everyone!

I’m Kacey from Stay-at-Home Artist and I’m so happy to share my creative space with you today.  My little spare bedroom studio is pretty much a hodge podge of mismatched shelving and folding tables–and it’s usually quite a mess–but I love it!

The white walls are great for keeping the room light and bright, but it was a bit boring.  So lately I’ve been focusing on making the room a bit more inspiring without spending much money.  Those teal drapes are really twin size flat sheets I picked up for $5 each–way cheaper then drapery panels or fabric yardage!
I also made a cute reversible sewing machine cover
Put together a quick paper pennant
And I’m working on a small colorful gallery wall with painted dollar store frames…
While these pretty details are fun, I think function is even more important.
Since I draw, paint, sew, craft, teach art lessons, run an etsy shopand write a creative blog, I have a LOT of supplies.  It’s definitely a challenge to keep it all organized.
 My secret?  Bins, baskets, bins, boxes, crates, and more bins!  
{I think I might be keeping Sterilite in business. :) }
I try to keep everything labeled so items are easy to find when I need them.
I also painted a hardware store peg board to use for my merchandise storage.  
(It also makes a great display when I sell at markets or weekend boutiques.)
I don’t have the fanciest studio in the world, but it’s certainly one of my favorite places to be.  Thanks to Taylor for hosting this fun craft spaces event.  I hope my creative space has given you some ideas for your own!

Thanks Kasey! I love the pegboard and I really need to get to work on that cutest sewing machine cover ever! Don’t forget to link up your craft room HERE

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