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It’ heeeere… the big reveal. As some of you may know, a few months ago I was booted out of my craft room by my sweet baby and my craft supplies were orphaned. I started slowly moving into my dining room, then it was about 50/50, now the dining room is gone… and I have my very own space. I actually moved my dining table (which my talented husband built) into the breakfast area and now we have more room to eat and visit… its a win-win. 

While its not my dream room yet, I think its great… pieced together in all it’s glory. 
I split into the crafty side and the business side… haha, I make it sound so professional :)

This crafty side houses the sewing machine and serger so its naturally the best side. 

Plate Wall
Ribbon Storage

Sewing Machine
Ikea table and lamp

This is my “small fabric piece” collection. I keep the big yardage in my closet, so this is all 1/2 – 1/4 yd.
This is a shoe storage cubby from target and I turned it on its side. 
I have had these ugg plastic bins forever and they are so not cute but I can’t find anything to replace them because they are so perfect. They hold paper, cardstock, scrapbook paper, tape, scissors, stamps, ink, glues, beads and sequins, felt, stickers, die cuts, sewing machine accessories, thread and needles, pins, embroidery thread… 

On the top I have things that I use more often in jars and buckets. Scissors, buttons, snaps, zippers, velcro, elastic, loose ribbon, bobbin winder, cardstock, a scale for shipping, thread holder

love my curtains :)

storage from an old TV cart that I keep covered with a curtain, it houses supplies that I don’t use as often

Here is my “cutting table” or old breakfast table. I like having an old wooden table because I don’t care if it gets glue or paint on it – actually I want it to get glue and paint on it. It is always covered with whatever I’m working on. Right now, I have my Project Life Book. Last week it was covered in octopus.

My view from the floor, where I usually cut (because that cutting table is covered in projects)

On to the business side – ha, still sounds funny. Oh, what is that huge beast in the corner you ask?… it is a very industrial embroidery machine, I will alert the media when I figure out how to use it. Right now it is a very large paper weight? The green table is a furniture redo that I am proud of :) Tutorial coming next week.

on the wall I have my Bird Trio and my Color Wheel Clock
(and look to the left at the name acrostic… my husband made me that last vday – he’s crafty :) 
Under the dinosaur, I store ongoing projects that I am currently working on. I am planning on hanging curtains around the base to cover my junk.

craft computer, shipping stuff, Silhouette with its cover, do you see the kewl Union Jack Tote…

this past summer I guest posted for the amazing Jen from Tatertots and Jello when she was on a trip to London and she brought me this back as a thank you, I don’t even know her… she is actually that nice :)
Anyway, I keep my fabric scraps in here

See how businessy… file folders, a to-do list aaaand a clipboard (more about the Missoni File Folders to come :)

And that wraps it up, hopefully you got a few tips… there are many more tours to come so stay tuned

and don’t forget to link up your space HERE

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  1. says

    love your craft area and i love that your husband is craft too :-)

    we’re just starting to build our craft area at the end of our dining room so i will be taking some ideas from here, thank you :)

  2. says

    wow!!!! i have several thoughts abuot this:

    1.) i think it’s entirely brilliant to get rid of the “formal” dining room in favor of a space that you’ll use the crap out of!!! formal dining room are a thing of the past, like social security checks or chivalry. instead, i love that you’re everyday dining area is going to be special…every.day.

    2.) i LOVEEEEEE the green table!!!

    3.) can we please figure out a day when i’m back home visitng where you teach me how to craft???


  3. says

    Gaahhhh finally! I’ve been waiting for this one ; ) Ill have to invite you over to see mine bc I don’t “blog” or even know how to “link up” LOL

  4. says

    Love it! And I’ll admit I’m totally jealous! I need a beautiful room to create in :) Love that green table! Thanks for linking up with us at Show & Share!


  5. says

    too cutify those plastic bins you could take fabric or scrapbooking paper and line the front of each drawer so that they are colorful. I also suggest spray painting the white plastic to match your room colors.
    Because you are right, nothing works out as well as those plastic bins!

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