Best of 2011 and New Toys

2011 is over today and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that a year ago I was pregnant with my Clyde and we didn’t even know if he was a boy or a girl! And my Finn has become so grown up. Time flies. Here are some of my favorite craft projects from the past year.

Linen Tote . Peacock Painting . Boy Bow Ties . Girl Onesie Refashions . A Monogrammed Plate . Glazed Furniture . Little Boy Shorts . Anthro Knock-Off Shower Curtain . Bow Clutch . My First Shirt (for myself :) . Casserole Covers (most popular project of the year) . A Memory Wall . Nook Covers . Color Wheel Clock . Octopus Costume . An Ornament Party

I have so many exciting things to looks forward in 2012 including a big business venture, a fun trip, and I have some fun new crafting toys. My new Canon T3i. My old Canon Rebel was a little technologically behind. Thankfully I sold her to a friend because I was sad to say goodbye to my first camera.

I never told y’all that I won the giveaway from TT&J for the new Silhouette Cameo… whaaaaat???! I know! I love it, its much quieter than the original and much easier to load vinyl which was always hard for me to do. Not to mention that its bigger and there is only one blade that just adjusts. 

And another fun toy I got for Christmas was the Fisheye Lens Adapter from Photojojo. I have only played with it for a few minutes and I love it already… look at the cool sun flare in this pic… My husband did so good on this gift.
Can you believe this fabric order I just made… I got a gift card from my husband’s fam and it was burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn’t even make it one week. I picked out my very favorites that I have been eyeing forever then I realized they all look just alike haha.
I am also starting Becky Higgins Project Life. I think in 2012 I am going to do a photo a day theme but still have pages for big events. Does anyone else have a project life album? I have a Pinterest Board for ideas HERE. I bought three core kits because I couldn’t choose just one, ha… don’t worry I haven’t scrapbooked an event since 2006, oops. Hopefully this simple but custom system will get me caught up. I’ve already done a few pages.

 Also not at all craft related, but some other new favorite things… (I have to have that candle on hand at all times, anyone else obsessed?)

 I’m obviously spoiled :) Does anyone else have any new toys? Or any exciting things coming up?… Here is to a great year in 2012! 

More Casserole Carriers

My last Casserole Carrier was such a big hit that I have been busy. My original has gone crazy on Pinterest – you can find the first post HERE. I found the pattern from Two Little Hooligans and I love it, clearly… I made five more for Christmas! HERE is the pattern, really easy to follow and much easier in bulk because you can do an assembly line :) 

I also said this in my last post but I followed Homemade by Jill‘s post about the cotton belt straps. I like the look of it better and I think it’s easier. 



And of course I etched the last names into all of the pyrex. PS… not even kidding, I went to three different parties during the past month and brought a dish in an unetched, naked pyrex. I need one for myself, hello… the life of a crafter always making things for other people, I’m so noble. 

Christmas Candy Tablecloth

Just four days left until Christmas and I’m sure I’m not the only one crafting into the wee hours to get everything done. Sure, the majority of my gifts are store bought but I always like to have at least one homemade thing for everyone. Homemade gifts are always better! The only bad part- I can’t share them on the blog yet. I literally have a folder full of projects that are blog ready… but they will have to wait. 

So, I give you a tablecloth that I made a year ago. I was scrambling then too, imagine that! I had great plans for a tutorial but when the night before my dinner party came and I had no tablecloth, I thought… these crafty people can figure it out on their own :) 

This is what I did:
-started with red tulle and trimmed it up
-made wide bias tape with green and white polka dot fabric
-sewed the bias tape all around the tulle
-made “Christmas candies” out of felt
-glued (with fabric glue) the candy into the overhanging part of the tablecloth
-used a piece of felt cut to the exact size of the table under the tulle

Felt “Candy”
gumdrops in blue, yellow, green and purple with clear sugar beads

candy canes and peppermints - duh

Christmas Cookies

My favorite/hardest part was the bias tape binding. I love the final product, it’s really cute but it really wasn’t easy. A single layer of tulle is really hard to see haha! It kept slipping and I didn’t even know… clearly I’m still bitter a year later. 
I had more candies planned too but due to my time constraints/tulle issues I didn’t get them on. Even still,  I love the finished product. What else should I add? It’s a work in progress… maybe it will be done by Christmas 2012?

The Bow Clutch

You know the saying great minds think alike? Well this happens in the art world, about 5x a week for me. Artists/crafters/creators get inspiration from everywhere and even subconsciously. So last week I “thought” of a great idea… how about a bow on the front of a clutch. Not novel, but I thought it was an original idea of mine. Then the day after I whipped it up, I saw this post from a blog called Simply Homemade. It’s like the fraternal twin of my bow clutch. In the past I might have been like who thought of this first? Well, since either of us invited a bow, or a clutch now I just think it is cool that two random strangers thought of making the same thing at the same time… I guess great minds do think alike :) 

For my clutch, I used a different fabric for the bow and the lining and of course I used linen for the main part of the bag. I have a linen obsession. 

I don’t have a full tutorial, but basically you make a standard clutch or zippered pouch for the unfancy and you cut an extra piece for the bow that is a little larger. I serged the edges and hemmed the edge of the bow. Then I made a little piece of bias tape for the center of the bow. Then, I just sandwiched the bow when I stacked the layers for the clutch. Cute with endless color options. I also added a label to the inside. 

I think my colors are so festive- I made this for a gift exchange because what girl can’t use an extra clutch? Perfect for wearing or giving at a Holiday Party.

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