The Bow Clutch

You know the saying great minds think alike? Well this happens in the art world, about 5x a week for me. Artists/crafters/creators get inspiration from everywhere and even subconsciously. So last week I “thought” of a great idea… how about a bow on the front of a clutch. Not novel, but I thought it was an original idea of mine. Then the day after I whipped it up, I saw this post from a blog called Simply Homemade. It’s like the fraternal twin of my bow clutch. In the past I might have been like who thought of this first? Well, since either of us invited a bow, or a clutch now I just think it is cool that two random strangers thought of making the same thing at the same time… I guess great minds do think alike :) 

For my clutch, I used a different fabric for the bow and the lining and of course I used linen for the main part of the bag. I have a linen obsession. 

I don’t have a full tutorial, but basically you make a standard clutch or zippered pouch for the unfancy and you cut an extra piece for the bow that is a little larger. I serged the edges and hemmed the edge of the bow. Then I made a little piece of bias tape for the center of the bow. Then, I just sandwiched the bow when I stacked the layers for the clutch. Cute with endless color options. I also added a label to the inside. 

I think my colors are so festive- I made this for a gift exchange because what girl can’t use an extra clutch? Perfect for wearing or giving at a Holiday Party.

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    this is absolutely adorable!!!!!!! you could also put a little wrist strap on it for easy toting to holiday parties!! omg, the endless combinations i could dream up. would it be too much to ask if you wanted to make one of these for a giveaway on my blog?? you just let me know… :)


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