Christmas Candy Tablecloth

Just four days left until Christmas and I’m sure I’m not the only one crafting into the wee hours to get everything done. Sure, the majority of my gifts are store bought but I always like to have at least one homemade thing for everyone. Homemade gifts are always better! The only bad part- I can’t share them on the blog yet. I literally have a folder full of projects that are blog ready… but they will have to wait. 

So, I give you a tablecloth that I made a year ago. I was scrambling then too, imagine that! I had great plans for a tutorial but when the night before my dinner party came and I had no tablecloth, I thought… these crafty people can figure it out on their own :) 

This is what I did:
-started with red tulle and trimmed it up
-made wide bias tape with green and white polka dot fabric
-sewed the bias tape all around the tulle
-made “Christmas candies” out of felt
-glued (with fabric glue) the candy into the overhanging part of the tablecloth
-used a piece of felt cut to the exact size of the table under the tulle

Felt “Candy”
gumdrops in blue, yellow, green and purple with clear sugar beads

candy canes and peppermints - duh

Christmas Cookies

My favorite/hardest part was the bias tape binding. I love the final product, it’s really cute but it really wasn’t easy. A single layer of tulle is really hard to see haha! It kept slipping and I didn’t even know… clearly I’m still bitter a year later. 
I had more candies planned too but due to my time constraints/tulle issues I didn’t get them on. Even still,  I love the finished product. What else should I add? It’s a work in progress… maybe it will be done by Christmas 2012?
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    i think table Cloth Weights. Beads and jewels adorn these table weights with peppermint Candy and red, and white beads. Beads are acrylic, glass and plastic. Used as Table Weights to spice up a table and keep table cloth from blowing away. Great for decorating umbrellas, christmas tree, sun catchers, fan pulls, and ect. Anything you can think of clipping these onto.

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