More Casserole Carriers

My last Casserole Carrier was such a big hit that I have been busy. My original has gone crazy on Pinterest – you can find the first post HERE. I found the pattern from Two Little Hooligans and I love it, clearly… I made five more for Christmas! HERE is the pattern, really easy to follow and much easier in bulk because you can do an assembly line :) 

I also said this in my last post but I followed Homemade by Jill‘s post about the cotton belt straps. I like the look of it better and I think it’s easier. 



And of course I etched the last names into all of the pyrex. PS… not even kidding, I went to three different parties during the past month and brought a dish in an unetched, naked pyrex. I need one for myself, hello… the life of a crafter always making things for other people, I’m so noble. 

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    Thanks, I’m pretty sure it’s a “Joann’s” brand fabric… That is where I got it anyway so if you have one close you could check there :)

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    I love your casserole carriers! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. Did you use Armour Etch to etch the names in? Their website says that it will not etch Pyrex. Did you have any trouble with this?

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    You’re a genius. I wish I had found this a few weeks ago, it would have saved me three trips to the car last weekend (the last party I cooked for)!

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  5. Emily says

    I definitely agree, I like the cotton webbing straps. I was hoping you knew how wide the straps are that you used? Also, I notice that “Handmade by Jill” said she used 82 inches of the webbing, that seems like a lot. Is that how much you used?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oh Karen, how fun to hear snippets of their coviorsatnens…while making cheesey breakfast goodies…I want you to draw and collage a teen convention piece…I love your collages and was tickled pink when my copies arrived yesterday. I wasn’t sure what I’d ordered, thought I was getting ONE of each. Not six. I guess I did not read the info, so am delighted to have a bunch! Thanks again and your packaging worked well. I liked the stamps too!


  1. […] For my mother-in-law’s birthday, I was going to make a casserole carrier and oven mitts but the oven mitts were a miserable sewing failure, sew she got a casserole carrier and square pot holders.  I never knew you could just buy this stuff called Insul-Bright at a craft store that, you know, insulates things just like a store-bought oven mitt.  I always thought homemade pot holders were just layers of fabric and batting.  Which could still be true.  Anyway, I got the tutorial for the casserole dish carrier here […]

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