Another Camera Strap Tutorial

First tutorial of the year, yay. I made another Camera Strap as a gift for Christmas. This one is a cover which I love because you can take it off to wash it… and I get sick of things really easily. It also includes lace which is always a good thing. Firstly, you need to measure your own camera strap and because this is a cover, it needs to fit snug.
What you need:
-1/4 yd fabric for front of strap
-1/4 yd fabric for back of strap
-lace or trim
Add about one inch to the length and one inch to the width of your current camera strap. Once you have your dimensions, cut a piece of the fabric for the front and a piece for the back. I did the same fabric for both. Also, I used fat quarters so I actually sewed two pieces together to get the length.

I serged the ends and hemmed them but if you don’t have a serger, just fold, press and hem.

Pin the lace to the right side of the fabric on the front strap, lining up the edges.
Sew the lace to the front piece.
Pin right sides together and sew.
Lastly, flip the strap right side out and  top-stitch the lace down.
A cute and easy gift, and once again, I need to make myself one :)
Also… shout out to my husband on his birthday… love you babe! Birthday wishes for him are welcome.
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