Mini Journals

I’m still catching up on all of my gift posts that I couldn’t show you because I was way to busy to blog about anything they were gifts and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise :) I found this tutorial for Journal Covers at a blog called Bloom. It’s a cute blog about gardening and quilting but I seriously fell in love with the Journal Covers she made. I actually wanted to make an exact replica but it was the night before my son’s school party and I was under prepared. So I came up with these for his teachers. They are so sweet to him and because I used to be a teacher I know about teacher gifts. I mean I know its the thought that counts and I’m not complaining but I don’t really trust baked goods from your house that traveled an hour with your 7 yr old before they got to me… just saying. 
It took me no time at all to whip these two up and I think they really loved them. Head over HERE to find the full tutorial. (I’m telling you the original is much prettier and I will be making one in the future :)
In the original tutorial she mentions a certain art journal that I have never seen, but I think she is located in Australia… kinda far from Texas. So I found these at Walmart and had to just figure out the correct dimensions. 
And Finn helped me wrap them too, so cute.

Happy Journaling.

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