A Red Birthday Party

Remember when I told you that my little man turned one last week?! Time Flies! His birthday fell on a Monday this year so we had our families over and I asked everyone to wear Red. It is a week until Valentines Day so the color RED has been readily available so I went with a RED theme. red decor, red balloons and red food! 
Red Food:
Caprese Salad Appetizer
Red Bell Pepper and Hummus
“Red” Chips
Homemade Cherry Limeades
Meatball Subs (with Homemade Meatballs) & Coleslaw 
Mimaw’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberries (compliments of my Mom)

He had a cupcake, and was curious as to why everyone was staring at him…

 He was spoiled with gifts and attention. As it should be on your birthday!
And of course big brother had to help him figure some things out.
 It was the red party of the year! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy xoxo
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  1. says

    Happy birthday little guy!!!!!!!!! and i love the red theme!!! so appropriate for V-Day!! and those cupcakes look fantastic!!! and the caprese bites…ugh, i feel lame that i want to go t a 1-year-olds birthday party.


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