Sweet Dreams Puppy Pillow

Remember my sneak peak yesterday? In case you missed it, Martha Stewart for Plaid sent me the best package ever and I was asked to make a Mother’s Day Craft using the supplies. It was Christmas in March the day all of the supplies came :)

Can you believe it? Ahh craft overload. Anyway, my Mom loves the outdoors and animals and specifically her dogs :) They are like her second set of kids, so when I thought about a Mother’s Day craft I thought about dogs. Enter the Puppy Pillow. 
The coolest thing in my Martha Stewart Package was the Heating Tool. I was kind of scared at first but no need to be scared! This thing is soooo cool!

 You use this stencil film & tape:

And you tape the film down to a piece of glass. Then you place whatever you want under the glass as a template and you can make your own stencil! I just sketched that puppy but you can use anything to guide you.

The next part is really exciting haha… the heating tool cuts through the plastic like butter. My tip is to go at a consistent somewhat quick pace because if you go to slow or have to stop and start then it melts the plastic in a blob.

Then I used the adhesive stencil spray which sticks the stencil down once you are ready to paint. Because my stencil was so large, it wanted to roll up, so I taped it right side down so the adhesive covered evenly.

Then I stuck it to the fabric for my pillow. My happy rocks also double as pattern weights.

I used these brushes to paint in the stencil. 

And this is my new favorite thing, the brush cleaner… the paint comes off really easily.

When I was telling my Mom about the project I told her I wanted to either do a gold glittered dog or a solid bright color and she said why not a gold glittered nose, so cute!

I let the painted pup dry and then I added a little reverse appliqued bone dream :)

Proceed with the pillow making.

Sweet Bone Dreams Puppy…

Thanks to Martha Stewart and Plaid for my amazing bag of craft supplies and inspiration for my pillow! I think pup fits in nicely. Check out Plaid on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more inspiration.

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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