Project Life Update…

I am not only sharing my Project Life Album Update because it’s “taylormade” but it also holds me accountable! I mean its almost June and I’m almost done with February, that’s a record for me haha! 

I take so many pics on my iPhone and I am super excited about the new square pockets but I also have a ton of rectangular pics. They are a perfect shape for the 2″x3″ card slots. I like to use layout “F” for my cell phone pics. Page “B” works well too, I have a hard time writing as much as page “B” allows for with the 6 card slots so I usually always include horizontal phone pics. 

I do a monthly update for each “baby” but after they are 12 months, I was having a hard time with milestones, so now I do every 1/2 year. 
My new favorite PL thing ever!! I found this YouTube video on the Becky Higgins Fbook page. Since I started scrapbooking over 14 years ago I have always said I wish there was a way to include videos into my album… guess what?! There is… this amazing Project Lifer came up with something so revolutionary, QR codes in your album which is directly linked to your videos. Ahh… Link to the original video HERE
I promise I don’t have a favorite child haha, but I am in the middle of about 5 pages straight of Clyde’s 1st Bday :)  I am so used to the old fashioned title, on some pages I just split it up like this…

 If you want to read more about my PL process, HERE is it. Also, do yo have any new PL tips and tricks I need to know about? And have you used the QR codes? I think I’m going to do a few videos each month!
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Padded Camera Strap

Hi my name is Taylor and I have a problem… I am addicted to making camera straps…. I need a support group. If you have been around a while, you might remember one of my very first posts HERE. Then remember when I made a Christmas gift HERE. In my defense one is old and one was a gift so it was just time :) And I love my new strap, so I guess its justified right? Want to make one and feeling destructive?…
See the end of the existing strap here, tear it apart, yay!
Does anyone else kind of like seam ripping?
Keep the bottom together; only seam-rip the part holding the strap to it.
Wrap the strap in batting, I doubled it around the strap. Poor night crafting lighting.
Cut your fabric 2.5x as wide and an inch or so longer than your strap.
Serge the ends, fold over, press and sew. Serging adds a professional looking touch but as usual its not necessary. Then fold the strap together longways with right sides touching. Sew and flip right ride out.
Fabric label :)
I serged the ends of the padded strap then put it into the fabric tube.
Last step is sewing the faux-leather part back to the strap. It should be easy because the holes are already there as a guide. I asked my Father in Law to do this part for me because my sewing machine is old and kind of wimpy when it comes to thickness. He works for NASA in the fabrication department, he says he has machines that can sew quarters together, cool huh?
Do you have a craft that you make over and over again? Apparently I like making camera straps and pillows. Also how great is this fabric?

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Dr Oz’s Green Drink + My new Juicer

If you follow me on twitter, fbook or instagram; then you know that I was SUPER excited to get my juicer for Mother’s Day. Best Mother’s day present ever right? I researched juicers for a while and had been on the prowl. I wanted to make my kids organic juice made with real fruit juice, imagine that. I also am not a fan of breakfast and every morning the only thing I want is juice or a smoothie (wish I had the same liquid diet mentality for the rest of the day, I might be skinny).
my big girl juicer
So up first on the juice list was the Dr. Oz Green Drink which is supposed to be amazing for you, I mean Dr Oz likes it so it must be good! Between owning a business and raising two little boys, I worry if I am squeezing enough vegetables into our diet so I figure I will have this most mornings (just in case I want to have Mexican food and margaritas later :) I read a bunch of different websites and apparently I was brave to start with this juice, some people said it can be bitter so for my first batch I took some of the commenter’s advice and sweetened it up a tad without loosing any nutrition.
Dr Oz’s Green Drink(modified a little for a newbie)
2 c spinach – which I always add to smoothies and you cant ever taste it!
1 cucumber
1 bunch celery
1″ ginger root
1 bunch parsley
3 apples (original only calls for 2)
1 lime
1 lemon
4 carrots (original doesn’t call for carrots but I added for sweetness)
Basically just wash everything and if it has a peel you wouldn’t eat like lime and lemon then cut that off. All other parts are fine, I put in whole apples and the whole bunch of celery, leaves and all.
The worst part for me was the color… after a few minutes it starts to get a green/brown because it is so fresh. I was thinking to myself no wonder they add chemicals; I don’t think most people would buy juice this color.  But don’t judge a juice by it color! It turned out to be really good. Next time I am going to do a little less cucumber because it was too dominant for me. I did love the celery and ginger in it. Overall it was so refreshing, and after a glass you feel really energized. It is also really filling and my kids even liked it! Double score!
By the way of you don’t have a juicer you can do this in a blender too which actually adds more fiber. In my research I found all the pros and cons of blender vs. juicer, one adding fiber but one getting the vitamins to your bloodstream quicker because you don’t have to break down the fiber… ppl are really serious about their juice! So do you think you are brave enough to try it? Or have you already tried it, and if so what did you think? And do you have other healthy juice recipes I need to try?

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How to Shorten a Shirt

I found this shirt/dress a few weeks ago and I like to print but it was a weird length for me. It also came with a waist tie but it seemed way too long for a shirt on me but way too short for a dress. DIY to the rescue :) And thankfully because of the stripes, the hard part was already done for me, yay! (I also did this on the way out to a party with the boys waiting on me so excuse my quick photos :)
How to Shorten a Long Shirt:
First, cut your shirt a little longer than you want it.

A serger really helps with this project but it isn’t necessary, you could just press and sew. But thankfully I do have a serger, total time saver. Serge/sew, fold over and press.

Sew the hem under, so lucky to follow the lines! 

Here is the first line I did, I really think it looks much more professional if you use the double needle. I love using it but to be honest I think the setup takes too long and like I said I was literally leaving, I like to live on the edge, ha. So this time I just sewed another line but I do highly recommend the double needle for a professional looking hem. 

Next line…

All done :) 

I even had time for a cell phone pic as I ran out the door. This length is much better for me! Has anyone refashioned lately, and if so did you do it as you were walking out the door leaving no room for error :/ 

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