How to: Make a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo using PicMonkey

Did anyone else cry twice because right around the same time these things happened: Picnik closed and Facebook forced you into Timeline mode? Like all things that come to an end, the www opened a wonderful window: PicMonkey, by some of the same ppl who did Picnik. But guess what, I like it 10x better!! I’m not even getting paid to say this, I just really like it :) 

 As far as the Fbook Timeline issue I can’t help you, I really don’t like it either. I don’t understand why some posts go under other posts that are older, anyone?? But I do kind of like the Cover Photo. So I wanted to make a little custom montage of all thing Taylor Made. When I made this original one, I didn’t take any screen shots but then I got a few questions about it. 

Ask and you shall receive…

How to: Make a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo using PicMonkey
(click on any photo to make it larger)

You need to start with a plain white canvas. You can do this one of two ways. 1- you can just use a white plain image by saving a blank page in paint or 2 -open any regular picture in PicMonkey…

Cover the picture with a white rectangle from the “Overlays” section. Then merge it together so it is just a white page now.

The “crop” it to 851 x 315 and hit apply. This is your background.

In the overlay section there is a button at the top that says “your own”. That is where you will get all of your pictures from.

Start choosing pictures for your Cover Photo and arrange them. Keep in mind that the bottom left hand corner of the picture it will be covered by your profile pic. You can leave a little bit of the white background showing for a collage look or you can have the pictures touch. I like the spaces myself.

Then save it and upload it to your Facebook page. Here is the second one I made with a spring flair :)

I know I made my header craft blog related but anyone can use this with pictures of their kids, dogs, landscapes/travel… etc. So do you love PicMonkey yet? And how do you feel about the timeline? At least now you can customize your cover photo that makes it a little better right, hehe?
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  1. says

    I’ve been really loving PicMonkey and not missing Picnik at all :) But I agree about FB timeline. I have no idea how it prioritises some posts above others. It’s strange. No doubt they’ll change it all again soon.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial and intro to PicMonkey! The site is fantastic and is now a new favorite :) I posted my completed FB landing page on my blog today and love it. Great job :) Cindy

  3. Ivy says

    AMAZING thank you thank youu! I was unhappy with the limited templates for collage on PicMonkey, and couldn’t find another free option. BEST TUTORIAL EVER! you’re the best

  4. says

    Taylor, thank you so much for the great tutorial. That’s about as close as you can get to having your friend sit you down and show it to you on your own computer. Too bad we missed the coffee though. ;-) I found your blog searching for this information. I look forward to reading more (just added it to my Feedly).

  5. says

    The tubes are pretty easy to do or well boorrw , if that’s so. Also the basic setup for the light and environment is not not too much of a deal. The badger in the hole, is to get the tubes to react to the music without touching each other. I guess it could be done with as mentioned xpresso, mograph and some dynamics. (Pretty much selfexplaning but nice to brainstorm). Sound reactor yes. Okay let’s give this a try This got me going wild!

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