How to Shorten a Shirt

I found this shirt/dress a few weeks ago and I like to print but it was a weird length for me. It also came with a waist tie but it seemed way too long for a shirt on me but way too short for a dress. DIY to the rescue :) And thankfully because of the stripes, the hard part was already done for me, yay! (I also did this on the way out to a party with the boys waiting on me so excuse my quick photos :)
How to Shorten a Long Shirt:
First, cut your shirt a little longer than you want it.

A serger really helps with this project but it isn’t necessary, you could just press and sew. But thankfully I do have a serger, total time saver. Serge/sew, fold over and press.

Sew the hem under, so lucky to follow the lines! 

Here is the first line I did, I really think it looks much more professional if you use the double needle. I love using it but to be honest I think the setup takes too long and like I said I was literally leaving, I like to live on the edge, ha. So this time I just sewed another line but I do highly recommend the double needle for a professional looking hem. 

Next line…

All done :) 

I even had time for a cell phone pic as I ran out the door. This length is much better for me! Has anyone refashioned lately, and if so did you do it as you were walking out the door leaving no room for error :/ 

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