Padded Camera Strap

Hi my name is Taylor and I have a problem… I am addicted to making camera straps…. I need a support group. If you have been around a while, you might remember one of my very first posts HERE. Then remember when I made a Christmas gift HERE. In my defense one is old and one was a gift so it was just time :) And I love my new strap, so I guess its justified right? Want to make one and feeling destructive?…
See the end of the existing strap here, tear it apart, yay!
Does anyone else kind of like seam ripping?
Keep the bottom together; only seam-rip the part holding the strap to it.
Wrap the strap in batting, I doubled it around the strap. Poor night crafting lighting.
Cut your fabric 2.5x as wide and an inch or so longer than your strap.
Serge the ends, fold over, press and sew. Serging adds a professional looking touch but as usual its not necessary. Then fold the strap together longways with right sides touching. Sew and flip right ride out.
Fabric label :)
I serged the ends of the padded strap then put it into the fabric tube.
Last step is sewing the faux-leather part back to the strap. It should be easy because the holes are already there as a guide. I asked my Father in Law to do this part for me because my sewing machine is old and kind of wimpy when it comes to thickness. He works for NASA in the fabrication department, he says he has machines that can sew quarters together, cool huh?
Do you have a craft that you make over and over again? Apparently I like making camera straps and pillows. Also how great is this fabric?

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