Project Life Update…

I am not only sharing my Project Life Album Update because it’s “taylormade” but it also holds me accountable! I mean its almost June and I’m almost done with February, that’s a record for me haha! 
I take so many pics on my iPhone and I am super excited about the new square pockets but I also have a ton of rectangular pics. They are a perfect shape for the 2″x3″ card slots. I like to use layout “F” for my cell phone pics. Page “B” works well too, I have a hard time writing as much as page “B” allows for with the 6 card slots so I usually always include horizontal phone pics. 

I do a monthly update for each “baby” but after they are 12 months, I was having a hard time with milestones, so now I do every 1/2 year.
My new favorite PL thing ever!! I found this YouTube video on the Becky Higgins Fbook page. Since I started scrapbooking over 14 years ago I have always said I wish there was a way to include videos into my album… guess what?! There is… this amazing Project Lifer came up with something so revolutionary, QR codes in your album which is directly linked to your videos. Ahh… Link to the original video HERE.
I promise I don’t have a favorite child haha, but I am in the middle of about 5 pages straight of Clyde’s 1st Bday :)  I am so used to the old fashioned title, on some pages I just split it up like this…

 If you want to read more about my PL process, HERE is it. Also, do yo have any new PL tips and tricks I need to know about? And have you used the QR codes? I think I’m going to do a few videos each month!

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    you get the best mom award!! you are so organized and inspiring! (and making me feel guilty for not printing ANY pictures!!) :)

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