Light Cider… I’ll Drink to That!

We have kind of started a new Sunday routine over here… Mom’s house for swimming, food and drinks. Just so happened that last week I also had the really lucky opportunity of trying out Michelob Ultra’s newest beer – Light Cider. So you know what I brought to the festivities :) I have to be honest, I am not a huge beer drinker. I just know that I don’t like “dark” or heavy beer. If you follow me on InstaGram then you know that I’m a margarita kind of girl! But when I saw the new light cider, I figured I love apples, I like “light” and its pretty; and that is reason enough for me to try one!
I have to say, I truly liked this beer. It wasn’t too appley, it’s super light, crisp and so refreshing. When you first sip it, it has a light beer flavor then just a hint of green apple. It almost has a white whine sangria taste because the sweetness is just from the real fruit. It is also Gluten Free and because it is sweetened with Stevia, it has less calories that your typical “girl drink”. It also smells like green jolly ranchers haha. 

It was a big hit with us grown ups, my husband even had three and he is typically a dark beer drinker. My mom made a summer roast and a fresh corn salad and it was the prefect accompaniment. Speaking of my Mom, she HATES anything apple flavored and we forced her to taste it… she said, “its not as bad as I thought it would be” haha. That’s pretty good coming from someone who doesn’t like apple or sweet drinks.
My favorite part… on the box it says to enjoy straight out of the bottle or over ice… Duh, what did I do? I am an ice addict and I can’t resist a straw! I think I might have found a new summer drink, and lets be honest… my go to margaritas don’t have 120 calories!
I was thinking about what else I could do with it… You know when you put a beer in the freezer or in an ice chest and it starts to slushy? That is my favorite thing… I wonder if I could do a Granita out of this?? I have never made one but I bet it would be so good. Which favorite summer meal or activity do you think would go best with Michelob ULTRA Light Cider?

You can read more at Michelob’s Site HERE or at Michelob ULTRA Light Cider page on

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