Scenes from a Craft Room… In Real Life

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a great father’s day weekend. You might be wondering why I haven’t crafted all week? Well, other than the Chore Chart, I have been getting stuff done! I am a very organized person- sometimes to a fault. But we are busting at the seams in our small house, it was time to de-clutter and crafting was put on pause last week. Here it is… Introducing my Piles-O-Junk. Yes that is a skull in the bottom left picture, my dad gives my son weird things for his room (is it wrong that I thought about covering it in fabric or glitter?) 

These piles were stressing me out bad! So I did what any girl would do, whined and begged my husband to go to ikea. What on earth is on my TV?? haha… 

A few weird commercials later… Tada!

Meet the newest addition of the craft room family. An organizers dream :) Also, I might have thought of something so smart… I can’t get the boys out from under my feet so I just assigned the bottom rows for their toys. Now they actually play with their own toys in here.

This thing is huge, but I love it. I had to move the stuff on the walls so everything could fit. Remember the Bird Trio, Color Wheel Clock, Spool Art and my Green Table. I am so into the gallery wall that I am going to do one in my living room too! See the whole craft room Tour HERE.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you know I’m so excited about the quilt-a-long I’m doing at “Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night“. Here is a little sneak peek of things to come…

My poor machine hasn’t had any action lately. So, have you done any “spring” (or summer) cleaning? And is anyone else doing the quilt along? And what should I do about that skull haha?

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