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Hi Guys! I feel liked I haven’t blogged in a long time (only a week) but time is really slow when everyone in your family has the stomach flu one. after. another. And “Mom” isn’t the best role to have when it comes to puke. Anyway we are all better and getting ready for Finn’s Big 3yr Old Birthday Party! I will have a Party Post for you next week… but in the mean time, here is my new Gallery Wall.

To me, the beauty of a gallery wall is that its a work in progress at all times. I am a big lover of “change”. I mean- when I list my hobbies, one of them is rearranging. So the Gallery Wall is perfect for me because I can change it easily, I can add to it and I can be on the hunt for unique stuff. Its also perfect for small pieces that would look weird on a large wall. Speaking of looking weird, here is my living room haha… I don’t like the layout at all, this isn’t our forever house and to be honest we have already outgrown it. See the faux playroom in the corner :/ Why do kids have so much stuff??

So what exactly are all of those pieces and what do they mean to me?

1. One of my favorites: When I was a teacher, a cute student of mine made me this bird puppet. The best part is if you open it, there is a detailed bird mouth. I love it!

2. My mom painted this when she was 20 and it has been somewhere in my room the whole time I was growing up.

3. from Target
4. from Ampersand
5. Ahh, I LOVE this, its new and it’s my very own Katie Daisy :) I love the saying, the colors and everything about it… this pic doesn’t do it justice but it is so pretty in real life. You can find it HERE. I really love THIS one too… I’m thinking about it

6. This was a deal of the day on Pick Your Plum one morning, its our last name :)
7. I loved THIS ancestry chart tutorial from Homemade by Jill, she was so sweet to email me the file so I could print it on my silhouette too! I have only done mine and hope to do another one for my husband. I didn’t realize how hard it would be but I love searching and asking all of my grandparents what they know. (which apparently isn’t a lot from the looks of it – oh cool dad, glad you know your parents name :)

8. from my aunt’s local store – Nana’s Attic
9. Lula and Gus – love this! You can find it HERE. I have a total bird theme in my house so it fits right in :)

So does anyone else have a gallery wall? I hope to one day have a full wall floor to ceiling full of cool pieces.

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  1. says

    love these pieces taylor! my gallery wall is up but sadly all frames are empty. ive been gathering little things here and there :) i adore all the birds and the bright bold colors. and i have to say, target did it again–i love that feather artwork, so good!

    i hope your family continues healing, so so sorry. i am the absolute worst with throw up, i know how bad it is :( heres to a quick recovery!!!

  2. says

    I actually really love your living room – everything is so bright and fun! Can you come decorate my house? LOOOVE all the pieces on your gallery wall!

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