Festive 4th Party Mugs

If you have been a TaylorMade follow for a while then you have heard me talk about a lot about my mom. Not only is she my BFF but these crafty chops don’t come from no where, she is the original crafter… I actually come from a long line of creativity, both my dad and sister are really talented drawers. My mom sews, paints and is super creative. 
Well, we are headed to her house on the 4th (she gets stuck with us because she has the pool :) and she just whipped up these Festive Mason Jar Mugs! She had me at Mason Jar. The great thing about these is that you could do them for any holiday or occasion… we like to always be prepared for a fun and festive time around here!
Start with your mason jars and use a screwdriver or a drill to punch a hole in the lid.
Then trace the inner lid around your fabric and cut. Make sure to make a hole in the fabric where the hole in the top is. Mom used a hole punch. 
Use glue or Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the inner lid. If you want to be able to was them later, then you could always skip this part and just let the fabric hang off of the edge a little.
Once they are dry, put them back together and feet instantly patriotic
They turned out so pretty!
Don’t you just love Mason Jars, I can never get sick of them! And they really do make a drink more exciting. Does anyone have any fun plans for the 4th? Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday :)

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